2020 ECU Vice-Chancellor Student Award for Reconciliation

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2020 ECU Vice-Chancellor Student Award for Reconciliation.

The ECU Vice-Chancellor’s Student Award for Reconciliation is a scholarship program granted by the University to take note and recognize a nominated student or team of students, who has show an exceptional contribution to an environ that show values to the people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander  and knowledge at Edith Cowan University in 2020.

If you are a University student, staff, and representative bodies external to the University, you can  nominate any eligible student or a team of student who you feel merits this award.

The scholarship is worth $5,000.

This goes to say that, any student or team of students who emerged successful would be giving a whooping sum of five thousand dollars ($5,000).

What you should know about 2020 ECU Vice-Chancellor Student Award for Reconciliation

  • For you to be eligible for this offer or scholarship, you must be a current ECU student.
  • Do you have any Questions about this scholarship award but don’t know how to get answers? Worry no more because you can directed your question to scholarships@ecu.edu.au

What are the Level and Field of Study for this scholarship

This scholarship award is not limited to a particular level or field of study.

So far you are a student of ECU ( be it undergraduatesmastersPhD) in any field in the university, you are eligible for tho offer.

So if you are in the school right now, you are eligible for this offer.

Which Country is Hosting this scholarship program.

The country in which  this ECU scholarship program is being hosted in is Australia.

It is hosted by the Edith Cowan University, Australia

Which country is Eligible for the 2020 ECU Vice-Chancellor Student Award for Reconciliation

The 2020 ECU Vice-Chancellor Student Award for Reconciliation is open to all student in ECU.

The scholarship award is opened to both Australian and international students that are in the university.

This also goes to say that, students from other universities are not eligible for this offer.

2020 ECU Vice-Chancellor Student Award for Reconciliation

What is the Worth of the ECU Scholarship Award

The worth of this scholarship award is tagged Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000).

Any successful student who emerged victorious shall be awarded the sum of Five thousand dollars ($5.000).

What Makes a student Eligibile for the 2020 ECU Vice-Chancellor’s Student Award

For a student to be eligible to the ECU scholarship award, he or she must have be qualify for the following below;

  • The student must have register in at least one unit at ECU in 2020, and have not in anyway formally recant or deferred before the census date for that unit;
  • Student must have hold a a good standing on his/her academic status as at the time of nomination for the scholarship;
  • The student must be nominated by a third party be it student, staff in the university etc. (Note that, self nomination can not be accepted or considered;
  • You are not to be in a paid position in the School if being nominated as part of a team; and
  • for student groups, show or display working with the ECU Student Guild.
Please you should also note that:
  • If you participated in the previous ECU award, you are also eligible for this award also;
  • a student or team of students  may be appointed for this award and the Vice-Chancellor’s Student Award for Engagement in the same period; and
  • if nominating a student group it is anticipated that the group would have worked with the Student Guild and this will be display or show in the nomination.

What are the Selection criteria for This scholarship program?

The selection would be done by the school panel and this would be done based on the intensity and strength of the nomination and the demonstrated contribution to life of the university.

How can i Nominate a particular student?

Please read the Guide for Nominators, in other for you to know what are required then fill out the Nomination Form.

It is mandatory that the nominations be submitted on the forms provided and in the required format stated.

Who are eligible to Nominate?

  • University students are eligible;
  • University staffs are eligible; and
  • Representative bodies external to the University are also eligible.

Self-nominations is not considered and can not be acceptable.

What is the Application Deadline to the ECU Scholarship Award?

The important dates for the ECU Vice-Chancellor’s Student Award for Reconciliation 2019 are:

Opening date: 13th May anually

Closing date28th June anually


What is the Application Link for this Award

To get more information on this 2020 ECU scholarship award, you can visit the link below.



Don’t miss this opportunity, this is your chance.

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