4 Things To Do When You Notice Your Child Has Being Smoking

4 Things To Do When You Notice Your Child Has Been Smoking

4 Things To Do When You Notice Your Child Has Been Smoking.

Seeing your child being addicted to smoking is no doubt one of the worst thing a parent could even imagine.

This Is because when a child start smoking, different thoughts runs through the mind of the parents.

They may even think that they might have directly or indirectly influenced the smoking habit of their child.

When you see your child is addicted to smoking, don’t just sit and watch, do something.

Take serious action if not, it might grow into something you can’t stop.

That is why we have come with this wonderful tips on 4 Things To Do When You Notice Your Child Has Been Smoking

Some parents after knowing that their child is in the habit of smoking, what comes to their mind is how the will inflict pain on their children in other for them to stop smoking.

They don’t know that, the more you beat them up, the more some children tends to do that same habit many more times secretly.

4 Things To Do When You Notice Your Child Has Being Smoking
4 Things To Do When You Notice Your Child Has Being Smoking
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Flogging your child isn’t the best you should come up with as a parent..

This remind me of the bible verse;

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it

I read a really sad event a mother narrated few days ago on a popular forum Nairaland.com.

According to her, Her 14 years old daughter was caught smoking in a hotel with boys. That alone could make a mother lose hope on the child.

But you see, he/she is still your child and it is your responsibility to correct them if they have gone astray.

On this post, we are going to tell you the 4 Things To Do When You Notice Your Child Has Being Smoking.

Now, let’s get down to business on;

4 Things To Do When You Found Out Your Child Is Smoking

1. Discuss This To Your Partner or Friend and Come Up With A Plan:

Yes of course, it may come like a big shock to find out that your trusted child has being smoking, the shock is understandable.

You could even break down emotionally, but don’t give up at that very point in time you child needs you most.

When you find out he or she is smoking, find a trusted person you know you could rely on for advise.

It could be your doctor, your partner, friend or relative. Talk to them to get ideas.

No body is an Iceland but, you are advised not to tell those who may give advises that are meaningless.

When you tell a trustworthy person you know that could take your family as his or hers, he or she will look into the situation on different areas and come through with a lasting solution to the matter.

2. Try Discovering the actual reasons for his smoking

There are many reasons that could make a teen go into smoking.

It could be social or emotional reasons.

It is now your job to make research on him or her and find out the reason for going into the habit of smoking.

Of course, you want him to stop smoking but you can’t just tell him to stop and expect him to stop immediately.

You need to identify the reason for smoking then other things follows.

Reasons He/She might Be smoking

  • In the social aspect, It could be that he has being influenced by his or her peer groups into smoking
  • Emotionally, it could be heartbreak or something emotional that made him go into smoking.
  • It could be that he misinterpreted it that smoking is harmless hence the smoking habit.
  • Stress and anxiety.

3. Have a Sit – Down One On One Discussion With Him/Her

At this point, you don’t know if this conversation might go sideways or not but the discussion must be inevitable.

He Is your child therefore you don’t need to be scared of him.

Here you will meet denials (if he or she doesn’t know you know about his smoking habit), anger, lying or he might even blame you that you trained him that way or you are a bad parent.

At this point, don’t be carried away by his words, just be plain and straightforward to him.

Try advising him the danger of smoking and when doing this, it is very important you tell him this with love and compassion.

With your advise, who knows, he might want to turn a new leaf.

That advise might just be enough.

And note that, when advising him, do well by not throwing accusations on him.

It might make him want to even do more.

4. Meet You family physician or qualified mental health professional if The Smoking Habit Continues

When you are done talking with your child, monitor him for some weeks.

If the situation continues, it’s time for you to meet your family physician or a qualified mental health professional.

At this point, you would definitely need someone who is more experience substance abuse matter.

His assessment might identify what actually led to the smoking, know the situation of the problem and find a lasting solution to the problem.

His mental health counseling could contribute enormously for your son’s treatment.

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