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5 Good Tips For NJCU Accelerated Nursing Program


5 Good Tips For NJCU Accelerated Nursing Program


Today I’m going to be talking about being in an accelerated nursing program. Being in an accelerated nursing program is very stressful.

Not to discourage you, you will get what I mean soon.

If you do not know what an accelerated nursing program is.

It is basically just like your traditional nursing but it is 1 year compared to other nursing programs. The other programs are two years or close.

What you learn in 2 years, NJCU Accelerated Nursing Program students learn it in a year.

You will like it if you love learning about medicine, learning how to care for a patient, and most of the students are happy that they decided to do the accelerated learning program.


So how do you enter the NJCU accelerated nursing program?

You have to have a bachelor and it does not matter what your bachelor is in. It could be in music it can be in drama as long as you meet the prerequisite that the school requires and you can go to your school website and view the pre-req they require for that particular program.

Usually, the school requires like biology, I don’t think they required physics but some require chemistry, you have to go over the website and see.


What You Need To Be Safe In NJCU Accelerated Nursing Program

In an NJCU Accelerated Nursing Program like I said earlier can be stressful but the two things you will need, I repeat, the two things you will need to be safe in this program is stress management and time management.

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And when you’re in an accelerated program, I’m pretty sure not just my school but when you’re in a nursing program, your teacher goes over a managing stress.

You have to find what really relieves you. I usually workout and read the bible. It is your work to find what you will be comfortable with.

It is not that you really have to get down and pray for the program.

Time management is another thing that you really have to understand.

I have a test every single week. Let me repeat that I have a test every week, yes and that can be very challenging when you have tested for this class, quizzes for the next class, papers for this class but you have to learn your time management.

No one really taught me about time management so I had to teach myself and I teach myself about time management and get it together.

You can do it.

Loan Issue With Accelerated Nursing Program

If you are wondering like about the private loans, like how to get a loan because your school requires that you have a bachelor’s degree.

The key with that is this: if you still have your federal loans from your undergraduate degrees and you already had that intact like you didn’t touch any of you touched few out of it.

You can use that.

if you are like me whose mother makes too much money and could have all the money.  Just joking.

I had to use all of my federal loan money. So I did a private loan which was very stressful.  If you have any questions about like where did I get my private loans from or how did I do it.

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Even how I asked my cosigner because that can be a very touchy subject depends on who your cosigner is, if is a relative or is not a relative.

If you’ve got some question, comment below and I would like to help you with and give you some advice of what to do.


How To Cope With Negativity In NJCU Accelerated Nursing Program

How did I cope with negativity while going through my NJCU accelerated nursing program?

I pray every day; I was balling in tears every day and I was so terrified that maybe I won’t have this opportunity.

However, like in school, you have to stay motivated, you have to believe in yourself and then everything will fall into place and that’s what I had to do.

I couldn’t be negative.

Take all the negativity out and anyone who has been saying you can’t do nursing or you can’t afford nursing.

If I can do it, trust me, you can do it.

All that matters is to believe in yourself also I’ll go back to talk about the actual program.


The First Quarter Of NJCU Accelerated Nursing Program

On my second quarter now I just finished my first quarter like a week ago and we had a week spring break and already I have a test which signifies how intense this program can be.

I’m not saying that to scare you should anyone be looking to be in an accelerator program.

Not saying it to scare you I’m saying it to be real and tell you to buckle up your sit belt and ride on.

Get on the ride and ride on because I don’t want to tell you that is going to be hard.

You can do it.

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The Courses

The classes that I took in my first quarter was fundamentals, pharmacology and pathophysiology and health assistant.

Particularly for fundamentals, that is the class they say weed out student.

Fundamentals and massage. Now I’m in massage I just had an 8-hour lecture but that of fundamentals, the class will really have you considering, is this for me?

Because is a different type of questioning that they ask on a test. One of my teachers says it was a lot of critical thinking like it is not basic.

Like what is the normal cure for high blood pressure? Or a patient walks into a room and begins to fall in this and that.

They will give you a whole scenario and ask what should you do first or what is the most accurate thing you do.

The answers will look like all are accurate. However, when you start to understand critical thinking like a nurse and learn your ABC, air breathing circulation, you’ll be fine.

The book that I use for that class when I tell you I had 58 on my first test in fundamentals. Like what the heck am I ready for this class because we need a 70 percent.

So you don’t have any time to start feeling bad. No never. After searching for what can I do to help me in this class and I ran across this book called Fundamentals of Success: Applying critical thinking to test taking.

The book has a lot of critical thinking questions more than what your teacher will give you.

It breaks down why the answer is correct and why the answer is wrong. Make sure you read all the rationales even if you get it wrong in the beginning.

You can apply here

NJCU Accelerated Nursing Program


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