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Baylor PA Program Prerequisites (IMPORTANT INFO IS HERE)


Baylor PA Program Prerequisites (IMPORTANT INFO IS HERE)


This post is about the prereqs required by most PA schools in which the Baylor PA program prerequisites falls under.

A brief intro about the author: I was a pre-med student for the first 2 years of my prerequisite course and I just switch to pre PA this semester.

Luckily, many of the prerequisites are the same. So I didn’t add any tour to my journey.


Baylor PA Program Prerequisites For Applicants?

First thing, they want you to have a bachelor’s degree. You might already have this out of the way if you are a career changer like me.

If not, then you may just use your remaining required credits to work towards getting your degree.

PA schools don’t care what your degree is in and I count that to be a good news.

Even if it is music.

The only concern that PA schools have is that you must have a passion for the profession, the necessary prerequisite, and the healthcare experience hours that the particular school requires.

When I was first thinking of switching to pre PA, I had to make sure that all the courses that I had taken up into that point were actually counted toward PA school.

So I began researching schools and made a spreadsheet about the research. Who doesn’t love spreadsheet?

The spreadsheet contains all the courses that are required by the 12 schools I researched. The most important thing to know is that not all schools have the same prereqs.

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I know you understand that but you should also know that Baylor PA program prerequisites are included.

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  1. Baylor PA Program Prerequisites Non-science requirements exist.

Every PA school requires statistics and five out of twelve schools requires psychology. And one school requires a medical terminology class.

One thing that wasn’t on the spreadsheet was college English and I am not sure if there are schools out there that require it.

I figured out that was just a ubiquitous course for most college programs. Everybody will have some kind of class where they would certify their requirement.

So I didn’t put that on my list.

To recap, the non-science requirements are Statistics, Psychology and Medical Terminology.

  1. Baylor PA Program Prerequisites Biology Courses

Every single school on my list requires 2 semesters of anatomy and physiology. You can either satisfy that requirement by taking a combined anatomy and physiology course for two semesters.

Or you take one semester of anatomy and one semester of physiology. Either way, they want you to have a year worth of anatomy and physiology.

Seven out of twelve schools require the micro-biology course.

If you are not familiar with microbiology, basically it is the study of tiny stuff and usually, that refers to bacteria.

And of the schools that didn’t require micro-biology, four of those highly recommend it.

Four out of the twelve schools require genetics.

And out of the remaining eight, six of those schools highly recommend genetics.

And then finally, cell biology. I was kind of surprise that only four out my twelve schools recommended cell biology.

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It wasn’t a requirement. So if you have some extra time in your semester schedule, you can take cell biology and it will probably look good on your application to those schools including Baylor PA program.

So to recap.

The required biology courses are anatomy and physiology for a year, Micro-biology, Genetics and recommended Cell biology.

  1. Baylor PA Program Prerequisites Chemistry courses

Eleven out of the twelve schools require at least one semester of organic chemistry. I don’t know why they stop at one semester but that is what they require.

And nine out my twelve schools require biochemistry and of the remaining three schools, two schools highly recommend that you take it,

So for the chemistry courses, biochemistry, and organic chemistry.

I should probably note: some schools will count bio-chemistry towards the biology requirement if you happen to need that.

Number four: Courses you need to take that aren’t listed on the prerequisite list

This might be common sense but I wanted to mention it just in case you are brand new and you are just starting to look into this.

I don’t you to come out thinking that you can start taking the upper-level science courses immediately.

Every school requires that you take one year of fundamental biology and one year of fundamental chemistry prior to taking these upper-level courses.

You are going to have to get at least one year of those two courses under your belt before you can take any of those upper-level sciences.

Baylor PA Program Prerequisites: How Long Does It Takes

So if you are brand new and you haven’t started yet, you might wow, that is a lot of coursework.

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So I will like to give you an idea of how long it has taken me and what my situation is so you can get a feel of how long it can take you to get your prerequisite knocked out.

It has taken me two and half years of coursework but three years of total time to get all the classes that I need out of the way for PA school.

During that time, I took just enough courses to be a full-time student but I didn’t take any more than that.

I only took the courses that I knew were going to satisfy the prerequisite requirements for either medical school or PA school.

Remember when I first started I was a pre-med student and I have a different degree that isn’t related to medicine.

The only prior prerequisite fulfillment that I have is a psychology course and an English course if they even require the English course.

Basically, I am starting from scratch and I should also note, I didn’t take any summer courses.

So there you have it. The prerequisite requirement that is common for the top twelve PA program schools including Baylor PA program prerequisites.

Baylor PA Program Prerequisites

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