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Brainstorm The Power And Purpose Of The Teenage Brain (READ FIRST)


Brainstorm The Power And Purpose Of The Teenage Brain (READ FIRST)


Hello and welcome to this wonderful blog.

Today we will discuss brainstorm the power and purpose of the teenage brain, I love discussing such topic and most of my readers love it too.

Just like best brain vs Kumon.


Brainstorm The Power And Purpose Of The Teenage Brain

Without any further ado, let us get to business.

To get the idea well, you need to understand the limbic area of the brain.

What is the Limbic area of the brain?

The limbic area is part of the brain that is 200 million years old, year 200 million, you read that right.

That is why it is called an old mammalian brain. So what is it exactly?

When a baby begins to enter the early teenage years like 10, 12, and up to 14. This adolescent brain has more intense emotion when you compare it to a child’s brain.

Scientists came to that conclusion because the limbic area brainstem and other signals from an adolescent body influence what is going on the higher reasoning cortex or the brain more than a child’s body.

In this regard, adolescent influence the cortex more than adult also. What is obvious is that the increase in emotion in teenage has an advantage and also disadvantage.


If you find it hard to come up with some advantages and disadvantages, try and understand what emotion really means.

Emotion, when broken down, means e-motion i.e something that evokes motion. Something that initiates motion.

By now you get the idea.

This is a way nature makes the child become more emotional. It is the first nature move you need to identify in your children.

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It is an interesting part of brainstorm the power and purpose of the teenage brain.


Brainstorm The Power And Purpose Of The Teenage Brain: Disadvantage Of Limbic Change

So what is the advantage and disadvantage of that? I know you must have thought that, but let me share what I think.

The disadvantage, the child becomes moodier and gets upset more easily.

What is even more common is that the child can have a confusing relationship with him/herself. And this can lead him/her to many things.

All of these happen because the limbic area influences your body without you even knowing that you are the one doing it.

Do you know that a teen can feel 10 different ways in 10 minutes?

Yes, it happens. That is the way it is. And when this happens, such a teenager can tell an adult to go away.

As an adult, you might be tempted to judge the teenager for being emotional but you need to realize that it is not the teenager, but the way his brain is designed to work.


Brainstorm The Power And Purpose Of The Teenage Brain: What An Adult Should Do

And what you should do is, using what you have read on this page, you should change how you see the teenager.

The teenager is going through an emotion and this emotionality is a healthy part of the development in the brain.

It is a change in the limbic brainstem in the body.

You can read the book brainstorm the power and purpose of the teenage brain to understand more of the concept.

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It does not mean that it is hard, you can easily learn how to deal with that.


So now you get the gist of one of the results that happen from the limbic area, which is emotion will be more intense.

You can actually see this in many ways especially if you have young kids around.

According to a study, an adult, a teenager, and a kid asked to go through a brain scanner and showed them a picture of an intense emotionalized face.

Do you know what happens?

The adult and kid reacted with very little emotion but the teenager reacted with a very high emotion.

Even when shown a neutral face, the adolescent brain still gets paranoid.


Have heard someone shouting at you after you greeted the person with a simple hello? This happens a lot.

You shouldn’t take it personally, just know that the person’s medulla was primed to take that simple greeting as an attack.

It is common in teenage years.

I must admit that is not easy as a parent. Especially if you are new to such a thing.

It is important as a parent to know that this is a change in the child’s nervous system and the child cannot help it.

If you live with this understanding, it will change the mood in your home.


The second result that occurs as a result of the limbic area is an effect on motivation. The limbic and brainstem are the two important parts that work together to motivate our behavior.

You and I know that motivation helps us to take action. And the action is a key part of our life.


What kind of life will you live if you hardly take action? Mediocre.

You find it hard to read your book to pass an exam, to wash your clothe and many more action seeking tasks.

Motivation is important in our lives.


But here is the deal, motivation in a kid is different from motivation in a teenager. This is the main reason why middle school system doesn’t work out in many places.

Teachers usually make middle school an elaborated elementary school, which is not going to work. These teachers don’t realize that the motivation is different.

And in the worst cases you will find the teachers thinking that the teenagers are lazy. The teachers don’t understand what the students need.


These teachers should rather try to understand what is happening in the adolescent brain and when that is established, they should need to figure out what matters to the teenagers.

This is the whole concept of brainstorm the power and purpose of the teenage brain, not just to for the schooling system.

You can’t compare a little child to a teenager because the motivation in each is different. You should realize that child you talking to is different from what he was.

A teenager will want to go out with friends instead of the parent, in pairs instead of adults.

Brainstorm The Power And Purpose Of The Teenage Brain

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