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7 Good FAQ: CSUB Credential Program


7 Good FAQ: CSUB Credential Program


Students choose the CSUB credential program for many reasons; many because it is close to home, some love the fact that it is located in California…

It is a 2 hrs. drive to the beach and Los Angeles.

Other student knows that the cost to attend the school is inviting. The California State University is one the most affordable 4 years’ public institutions in the United States.

Additionally, Bakersfield is among the part that has the lowest cost of living in all of California.


Why Some Students Choose CSUB Credential Program

When asked, some of the students said they choose the CSUB credential program because their family is in the area.

The school is close to their home and some even say because one or more of their family members attended CSUB.

Another student said CSUB is affordable and close to home. The tuition is a lot more feasible than going to a private university.

And you will be able to get the same quality education you want in private school or out of the state school.


CSUB Credential Program Tradition

Since the inception of CSUB in 1970, has two strong traditions. An extraordinary level of student-faculty and highly personalized learning atmosphere.

Student one on one interaction with the teacher is amazing. CSUB will show you the difference that small size classes can make.

Students have a low ratio of student-faculty in college that they did in high school.


Another student said that he has a more internal relationship with his professors. You get one on one time with the professors during office hours and after the classroom.

Your faculty will sit down with you and are willing to be there and they get to know you not your name or your number, your actual self.

And when emergencies come up, they are a lot more flexible with you.

There is an instance where a student had a problem with his son, where the son had a serious health issue. The student made mention that his professors were very understanding, very compassionate about what the family is going through.

Also very willing to take the time with him outside of the classroom and even allowing makeup exams. These professors made themselves available so that the student can continue going to school.

Other say that they turn to the professors because they are the one that will help them push through the four years in school.

And have made the experience the students really wanted.


What Program Those CSUB Offer

The university offers more than 50 graduate and undergraduate programs. And have more than 80,000 students in four schools.

  1. Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering
  2. Business and Public Administration
  3. Social Sciences and Education
  4. Arts and Humanities

One of the graduates of CSUB who had 4.3-grade point out of high school that could have chosen other universities opted for CSUB because:

It is cheaper to attend CSUB Program compare to other institutions throughout the state.

The good atmosphere in CSUB in terms of meeting the professors and administrators. No other campus in California will allow you to walk I school and see the president of the university come out show students where their classes are.

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The most student really loves that hometown feeling in CSUB.

How Is The Student Life In CSUB

The unfamiliar life of university campus can seem daunting, you shouldn’t worry because, at CSUB, you will feel right at home.

The student life experience on the CSUB campus is awesome. You will get a really good experience as far as having a community.

The best part is the community, you will have a lot of fun getting to know people and making new friends.

The older students want the campus to be more welcoming for students and build a fun and loving campus life.

You will be surprised at some of the things that you are afforded at CSUB credential program campus and the friends that you make, lifelong relationships.

You will walk away as a better person and you will feel yourself grow in every area of your life.


How CSUB Makes You’re the Transition To College Life Easier.

CSUB offers a first-year experience course. This introduction to CSUB is taken during your first term.

It is designed to help freshman and transferred students accustom to university life while providing the tools required to be successful in pursuit towards graduation.

The CSUB credential program isn’t just a program or university for a student who just wants to go through school and get out.

The school is educating the entire people, the whole student and part of that means we involve extracurricular activities.

Students are on the football field, on the basketball court, tennis etc.

CSUB really want the students involved in the activities of the university because education takes place not only in the classroom but in the entire school.

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CSUB Honors Program

The honors program is a special program where the school track the upper 1 – 2 percent of students and bring them in.

Also providing better classes and professors, priority registration, lots of scholarship money, and social events coupled with adequate attention.

Honors program students are always so thankful to CSUB because, in addition to all the benefits, they still have mentors who have challenged them to do more and encourage them.


CSUB Credential Program Outside The Classroom

Outside the classroom, CSUB students benefit from a wide range of extracurricular activities including more than 90 registered student clubs and organizations.

They’ve got a state of the art 75,000 square foot student recreation center. The rec center has everything you can possibly want from team sport to workout equipment to rock climbing.

Many students are surprised that recreation center is a free resource because, with the swiping on your card, you can just get right in.


Come to a school that will make you grow more than you can imagine using a good relationship with the professors.

The professors are willing to do anything for their students because they know that’s the reason they are there.

Why go somewhere else when you have the right choice in from of you?

To apply for admission into CSUB credential program or any other programs go to csumentor.com you can also get more info at csub.edu.

CSUB Credential Program

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