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How To Get Faster At Coding In A Short Period Of Time?

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How To Get Faster At Coding In A Short Period Of Time?


Like there are things to do when you want to achieve anything faster, there are some things you can do if you want to get faster at coding in a short amount of time.

But according to this saying that you have to work on something for ten thousand hours before you become an expert at it, programming is not like that. No, not up to that.

But you will work. No skipping that. So how do you get faster at coding in a short period of time?

The first on the list

Get A Book With Many Exercise

You are going to need a good book with lots of examples and tests to follow. Do some research about the language you want and pick the best book available. you can go te extra mile of looking for exercises online about the language you are learning.

Remember, there is no traffic in the extra mile. it only makes you stronger.

Let’s go to the second tip.

Make Coding Your Interest

Have you seen someone that writes codes and you feel like “oh wonderful”. I mean someone that is extraordinary at it. In every field, some people are very good than others, Why? Because they think about the work even when they are not doing it.  Others only think about the work when they are doing it.

Now you can see the difference. So, you need to develop your interest in coding. Give it your enthusiasm, think and talk about it all the time and it won’t take long before you start dreaming about it.


Typing Skill

Some computer users already have this skill but if you haven’t, develop it. Learn to type without looking at the keyboard. If you are not good at typing at first, don’t panic. As times goes on you will be good at it, but for now, just know that it is one of the things you need.

You Will Write A lot

You will learn how to code only by writing codes, no secret about that. You will have to focus and spend some time writing codes. This is one the important basics you need to put at the back of your mind if you want to get faster at coding in a short amount of time.

Don’t Depend On Notes

Don’t depend on taking notes or memorizing codes all the time. You need to stick with the keyboard keep writing it. Writing will help you more than taking notes. Don’t wait till you write a lengthy set of codes before you compile. This will increase the process at which you learn.

Don’t get me wrong, you can take notes but depend on it for memorization. you can use a note to extract the important areas of the textbook. Memorize by practicing what you’ve learned.

Create Projects For Yourself

Put your knowledge to use by creating projects for yourself. Make sure that these projects are exciting and shouldn’t be too difficult. This will serve as a motivation for you especially if you have people to show these projects.

This is just a quick post to answer the question “how to get faster at coding in a short period of time?”. Share this post with that friend of yours that is learning how to code, and know the friend will appreciate it.

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