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Hilton Team Member Travel Program (READ FIRST)

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Hilton Team Member Travel Program (READ FIRST)


Hilton team member travel program is an incentive travel strategy which produces a better business result, to achieve more, sell more and do more.

Incentive travel program helps drive the business result.

hilton knows that their team members are the heart of everything the company does. They have a strong believe in creating great careers and a great environment for their team members to be the best they can be.

If the team members are engaged, they will engage the customers by delivering good customers experience, which will yield a high level of return.

In fact, this is supported that some really good data, engaged companies have higher productivity up to about 21 percent, higher customer rating up to about 10 percent more, and importantly, higher profitability up to about 22 percent more.

Whereas when you compare this to dis-engage companies, they have far higher absenteeism.

One of the great benefits Hilton offers its owners is a great employment brand. And the great news is that Hilton has been recognized in 2016 as one of the top 100 top companies to work for by Fortune.

Hilton has teams that have an intense focus on developing their managers to be leaders of tomorrow. Hilton wants to sustain their position has a good employer through world-class industry leading training and development programs.

Provides team members with the necessary skills and development training to really realize their potential.

They use unique online learning platform, Hilton worldwide university and multifunctional tools to support their HR efforts. And insure consistently across the globe.

More than forty-six percent of their team members across the globe are millennials and the number is still growing.

Great companies were managed consistently across the generations. And success starts with understanding the individual needs of all the team members.

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And really adapting the people’s strategies and empowering leaders to embrace today’s diverse workforce.


How You Can Implement Hilton Team Member Travel Program To Your Business

The fundamentals of an incentive travel program, Hilton team member travel program.

A properly set up travel program actually begins 2 years before the program takes place. A lot of key factors that affect that include sales cycle, ideal clients, fiscal year and the need to align the incentive travel with the factors.

The five key stages that illustrate how you can imitate the Hilton team member travel program into your business is as follows.


The first stage is to attract where you announce the program and make it really exciting. And this can be done with a lot of communication channels.

You can send out some sort of information about the destination, or a teaser, a DVD, or link to the fabulous things people will see there.

Also, a prominent member of the company announcing the program and the wonderful things people will see. Getting people excited about it through lots of different communication channels.

The next stage is the motivation stage.


You can do this also through lots of different channels.

One of them might be to have a website that has been created for the trip where participant that are eligible can come back to and learn more about the program.

Let them learn about the destination, about what they will see. For example, you can have a video on your last trip, or a video about the beauty of the destination and put the video on the website.

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The next stage is achieve.


This is an important one because if it is going to help the participants understand where they are at in the process.

They will be able to see where they are standing on the leaderboard.

They need to ask themselves questions like: are my numbers enough to earn that trip? Have I achieved the goals?

This achieve stage is where you communicate the piece that will guide them in answering their questions.

It also includes things like: what do I need to do? How am I doing?

By having such information for the attendees in a clear and concise manner, will help achieve the result they are looking for.

Because at the end of the day, you want to see more sales and more profitability.

The next stage is the celebration stage.


The stage is where the participants will get to see the on-site experience.  Most participants want to see in the travel program things like innovation, lifestyle events, creativity, quality vs quantity, more personal time, a boutique property they might not be able to get to.

So at the end of the day, this is where you can make big difference in the impact of the experience of the participants.

You know your destination so well, just look for an innovative and creative idea you can bring to provide that exceptional and memorable experience for the guests.

Let me chip in some ideas and key factors for you.

The attendees are there to learn about the experience and they really want to immerse into the experience.

You can do that in many ways through food and beverage to activities to cooperate social responsibility. All of these things give a sense of place and that is what the attendees want.

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Also, knowing your group really pays off. You can segment the group into categories because everybody is motivated by different things when they are on site.

You might have categories like the learners, those that like to visit the museum and learn more about the culture of the site.

The other category can be the calorie burners, people that like adventure, they might want to go surfing.

The connoisseur category, people that are food enthusiast. Food and wine and pairing them together. They want to brag to their friends about the things they have experience on the trip.

The final category can be the lounger, people that like to just relax. Go to the beach, enjoy the wonderful spars at the hotel they are in, or just have a little break from the reality may be even turning their phone off.

It is your work to know the preferences of your group. One of the ways to start the fun with a diverse mix of activities.

You can even get the idea right from the beginning of the operation using an online registration.

The last stage is to promote.


This is all about the importance of measurement in the incentive travel experience. Because without that why will you even do it?

You need to show how the program is making a huge difference, not only how the attendees feel about their employer, but also how it is driving the bottom line.

There are other ways you can use those measurements as well. For example, you learn about the attendees which give you the knowledge of what they really enjoy.

You can tailor what you know to improve the next program.

Hilton Team Member Travel Program

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