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How I Increased The Speed Of My Laptop And How You Too Can Do It

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How I Increased The Speed Of My Laptop And How You Too Can Do It


Slow computer speed is one of the common problems that most computer users deal with. New computers don’t have the problem with speed but when a user continues to use it, the computer will be getting slower.

One of the possible solutions to this problem is to disable some startup programs- especially the heavy ones. You can also uninstall programs that you don’t need and use the disk clean up tool; you will see a big increase in the speed of your computer.

I will share my experience on how I increased the speed of my laptop and explain how you too can do the same and get the required result. Let’s get started.

Disable Start-Up Programs

It is frustrating to power up your laptop and wait for several minutes before the laptop will be ready. The first thing I did was to disable most of the programs that run right after I start up my laptop.

I knew that most of the programs are not useful to me right after startup, so I disabled almost all. The few that remains are security programs.

I noticed that the heavier the program, the more time it will take for it load. And I have many such programs on my laptop. When you add up the load time of each heavy programs together the result isn’t satisfying.

And above all, startup programs run in the background without your notice. Just few will have an icon on the system tray.

According to a research on HowToGeek, software vendors pay computer manufacturers to add programs to your computer. On average such programs decrease the boot speed of your laptop for two minutes.

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You should disable some of your startup programs to see improvement in the speed of your laptop.

How To Disable Start-Up Programs

You will need administrator’s rights to disable startup programs. If you are not the administrator of the laptop, kindly explain the details below to the person that admin rights.

So, how can you do it? I am using windows 8.1 on my laptop but the process is similar to all windows version.

The first way to do it. Search for Startup using the windows search tool. The startup window will open and from there you can select the program of your choice and disable it. Select the program with a click and disable it at the bottom right corner.

Another way to get to the Start-Up window is to right click on your taskbar. This is quite simple. Right click and click on Task Manager. Click on Startup in the Task Manager window.

You will notice an increase in the startup speed if you follow the information above but that is not enough. Next is the second thing I did.

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Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

I was surprised when I check my installed programs. I noticed that I wasn’t using most of the programs. In fact, most of the programs were trial versions that were pre-installed on the laptop before I bought it. So I uninstalled all the programs that I didn’t need.

Aside from increasing the speed of my laptop, I see no reason why I would leave a program on the computer just to consume the memory, processing power and disk space. Even if your laptop is an old one you can still find of some these programs on it.

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You too should check your installed programs and uninstall all unnecessary programs.

How To Uninstall A Program

Search for Control Panel and click on Uninstall programs. You will see the list of all the programs on your computer. Click on the one you want to uninstall. Look at the top of that pane and click uninstall. Execute the instructions that follow afterward.

Just to make sure that you don’t uninstall any program that is helpful to your computer or any of the programs you will need to remain on your laptop, do the following.

Search for the name of the program online and add function to it. For example, “name of program + function”. This will give an idea of the function of the program and make you decide on what to do.

When I was removing these programs, few didn’t remove from the control panel. I had to locate the programs folder on program files. Then use the programs uninstaller located in the folder.

Another way to get rid of any program that is difficult to uninstall is through an expert tool. I use Advance System Care. It will remove the program and its remaining files from the registry.

Another tool that can do the work is Revo Uninstaller and you can get the free version of any of the tools through Google search.

The more I install applications on my laptop the more the speed decreases. Now, I only install a program that I really need.

I Used Disk Clean-Up

This tool is a time saver for me and I recommend using it anytime you notice a decrease in the speed of your laptop. Disk Clean Up deletes all unnecessary files from your computer with few clicks.

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It will free up your Recycle bin, Temporary Files folder and many others – all the files that are easy to delete but you don’t give attention to.

How To Use Disk Clean Up

You might need to cross check your recycle bin for any deleted file you need to recover before you use the Disc Clean Up tool.

Search for the Administrative tool on your computer. Open the Disc Clean Up utility. Follow the instruction that follows. This tool will ask the areas of the disc you want to clean; select the areas you want and let it do its job.

A basic action that I take to increase the speed of my laptop regularly is using Disk Clean Up. It does not take much time and the result is clear.

There are other ways to increase the speed of a computer but the three ways explained above is more than enough to get the result you’ve always wanted. Startup programs might be useful but too much of it will affect the speed.

There is no reason why you should keep a program you don’t need on the computer and lastly, disc cleanup is a very useful tool to clean your computer from easy files that might be eating up the speed of your computer.

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