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How to add luxury and chic to your interior design


How to add luxury and chic to your interior design


Buy a colored sofa

The color gives space a chic if it is chosen correctly and matches other colors in the interior. The basic rule recommended by designers is that colored furniture should be in a room with pastel shades (white, beige, gray, milky) in the background. To find such a stylish accent you can go to Homey Design Store that provides a wide assortment of designs.

Combine different textures

Just like with clothing, layering different textures look very sophisticated. For example, a faux fur blanket on a textile upholstery sofa looks beautiful and adds chic. Designers advise not to be afraid of bold decisions, with their help you can make the interior look truly luxurious.

Mix different styles in the interior

It is easy to make a room faceless, succumbing to the desire to follow only one style, color, texture. Designers are of the opinion that an interior looks really expensive when different elements are mixed in it. But any mix of styles requires taste; without it, even the most expensive things will not save the interior. If you have doubts about your design skills, it is better to resort to the help of a professional or choose simpler and more understandable methods.

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Add a metallic gloss

Have you heard the expression “Gold is the new black”? In a loose interpretation, this means that gold is becoming a classic color that can fit into any interior and bring luxury to it. Of course, making a Versailles from a typical apartment is not worth it, measure and a sense of taste are important in everything, but accents in gold or brass (if someone doesn’t like gold) will help to decorate the interior and make it chic.

Where to use? In the color of photo frames, lamp legs, bathroom or kitchen taps. You can also choose wallpaper with gold glitter and decorate one wall with them.

Leave empty space on the shelves

Sometimes, in order to make the interior look richer, you don’t need to buy anything. On the contrary, you should remove the excess from the shelves. So, it is better to empty your open shelving or bookcase, leaving the shelves half-empty, this will help to get rid of the visual chaos and will favorably highlight the remaining things: books, figurines, framed photos.

Place a sideboard in the kitchen or make an open shelf

The fashion for open sideboards, in which the tableware is stored and which are obtained only on holidays, has already passed. You don’t have to bring back this tradition and use the crockery for special occasions, but putting a sideboard is a good idea. Keep there beautiful ceramics, selected from different brands, rare porcelain.

Wallpaper designs

Monochrome colors with clear geometric patterns will also help to harmonize the space and add luxury to it. For example, wallpaper with a lattice ornament. These can be found even from budget manufacturers.

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Put fresh flowers

Luxurious interiors often have fresh flowers. It can be bouquets in vases or matching potted flowers. It is not necessary to buy large roses to make the bouquet look luxurious, there are many more budget options: peonies, chrysanthemums, even wildflowers will decorate the interior in season.

Arrange multiple light sources

Lighting plays a much bigger role than you might think. The right light will make the room more comfortable and present it in a (literally) favorable light. Ditch the lonely chandelier in the center of the ceiling, arrange a few lamps, choose beautiful floor lamps and enjoy how astonishingly it looks.

Put the plaster sculpture

Few people would think to install a sculpture in a typical apartment, but it is not necessary to occupy a whole corner with it. Today from the assortment of decor, you can choose suitable accessories and use them profitably in order to make the interior look more luxurious.

Choose an oil painting

Sometimes luxury should not be hidden, but, on the contrary, presented with aplomb. So, the designers recommend choosing a large oil painting (you really shouldn’t be shy about the dimensions) and give a whole wall for it. Why exactly oil? This way of painting the picture makes it real as if it was brought from a museum.

Arrange the mirrors

More and more often, mirrors in typical apartments began to be stirred somehow furtively: this is either a cabinet door, or a built-in mirror in a shelf with cabinets in the bathroom. Allow yourself mirrors, placed independently they will look valuable and highlight the interior. Any room will become more significant and richer if you put in it a large mirror in a beautiful frame, especially a vintage one.


Don’t forget about the bathroom

Today, many notice the efforts of interior designers who make real selfie zones in the restrooms of restaurants, but at the same time we pay catastrophically little attention to our own bathrooms, and after all, many minutes of our life also pass there. It’s time to fill them with beauty. The decor for the bathroom will serve this purpose: a beautiful mirror, a stand for a living flower, an exquisite stool or side table (for which there is enough space), a wicker basket. Make a stylish bathroom out of a boring one.

Make your bed nice

Many people confine themselves to a bedspread and for some reason believe that such simple actions as tucking a blanket and laying out pillows beautifully will take a lot of precious time in the morning. In vain! Choose a few basic options, in which the bed will look beautiful when it is assembled, and your bedroom will not need chic curtains or an expensive chandelier, luxury will already “settle” in it.

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