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How To Prolong Laptop Battery Lifespan

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How To Prolong Laptop Battery Lifespan


Increasing the battery life of the notebook is something that every notebook owner wants to know.

Raise your hand, those who have never searched Google “how to increase the battery life of the notebook?”. In fact, if you got here, it is because you want to know just that.

Users’ preference for notebooks, both for home and commercial use, has long surpassed desktop computers for a long time.

The advantages of these devices are numerous, but it is mainly their mobility that wins users.

Coupled with that, is your battery life. After all, it is useless to have a portable computer, which, when you need it most to work away from an outlet, cannot connect because the battery is exhausted.

In addition to observing your factory settings, maintaining some care can improve battery performance and also help to extend its usefulness.

Battery types

Before knowing how to increase the battery life of the notebook, it is important to understand a little about them. There are three models of this type of battery on the market, namely:

NiCd (Nickel-Cadmium Batteries)

The oldest model of energy storage component was used in the first notebooks launched more than 20 years ago, a real revolution for the time.

Have you heard about the old “battery addict” story? This is precisely the type that gave rise to this fact.

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This is because nickel-cadmium batteries end up creating a “memory”, not ending their charge when connected to a power source, even when their marker indicates that the charging has been completed.

The reason for this behaviour is due to the fact that it charges the battery even when it is not completely discharged or keeps it constantly plugged in.

In other words, the battery starts charging up to a certain level and not fully as it should, even if it appears on the screen that it is at 100% authority.

Another aggravating factor is the fact that this model is highly polluting due to the presence of cadmium. For these and other reasons, they ended up falling out of use, but they can still be found in obsolete devices.


Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries)

It is the evolution of NiCd batteries, but still, it does not have so many differences. They are less polluting and tend to be less susceptible to the memory effect of their predecessor.

Despite these improvements, the differences from the previous model are quite discreet, in addition to greater autonomy.

Li-Ion (lithium-ion batteries)

The latest battery model, present in all equipment produced in recent times, has a storage capacity twice that of Ni-MH batteries.

Nontoxic and without the memory effect of past copies, they can be loaded, even without being completely unloaded.

But be careful, Li-Ion batteries are more sensitive to high temperatures, which can cause irreversible damage to this hardware or even cause explosions.

How do I know if my notebook battery is powerful?

First, it is necessary to clarify that the measure that indicates the storage capacity of batteries of electronic devices – including cell phones, tablets, among others – is the milliampere-hour (mAh).

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When buying a notebook, or any other type of mobile device, what should be noted is the number of cells in the battery.

The greater the number of cells, the greater the amount of mAh stored, and, consequently, the longer the battery life.

In contrast, the greater the number of cells, the heavier the component.

A battery with 6 cells, for example, has between 4400 and 5200 mAh, its approximate duration is 2h to 2h30. In the case of modern LED screens, the duration can be doubled.

How to Increase Notebook Battery Life

To increase the notebook’s battery life, some factors are crucial; they are:

  • Screen brightness
  • Programs
  • Loading
  • Heating

It is important to emphasize that the user’s customs is also a decisive factor in the life of the machines.

Therefore, maintaining good habits helps to ensure that your battery can work fully for much longer.

See below in detail about the factors that we mentioned above and that deserve your attention:

Screen brightness

In addition to being harmful to your vision, proving extreme tiredness, the more intense the brightness of your machine’s screen, the more battery it will consume.

Consider leaving the brightness at levels below 50% to save on your loads.

Applications and programs

In the commercial environment, it is common to work with numerous programs simultaneously, which can also help drain your notebook battery even faster.

Select well the applications you need to work with, try to leave as little as possible running. In addition to saving energy, you will also make your computer faster.

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Although lithium-ion batteries – used in the latest notebooks available on the market – do not suffer from the memory effect of their predecessors, it is still recommended to use the device until it indicates that it needs to be connected to a power source. This action helps to prolong battery life.


All computers require care with heating, but in the case of notebooks, this attention must be doubled.

Leaving them on soft surfaces (bed, sofa, blanket, etc.) or in poorly ventilated environments can overheat the machine, causing severe damage to your battery.

Try to use your notebook in an appropriate location and with support. It is also recommended, when choosing a notebook, to opt for models with a removable battery.

In case of possible problems, the part can be replaced and you can continue using the same machine.

Disconnect USB devices

The devices connected to the notebook’s USB ports consume energy the same. Therefore, when you are finished using your flash drive, cell phone or any other removable device, remove it from the USB port to reduce battery consumption.

Turn off the computer when finished using it

It may seem quite obvious, but many people often leave their notebook on “for life”. Do you know when we just lower the notebook screen and go out?

So, that doesn’t mean turning off the computer, we’re just leaving it at rest. This is very bad for the battery, generating unnecessary consumption.

Did you learn to increase the notebook’s battery life?

See how nothing is too complicated? Simple details that we miss in our daily lives can be useful to increase the notebook’s battery life.

It is just a matter of getting used to these practices that we will already achieve good results.

How To Prolong Laptop Battery Lifespan

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