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7 Greatest Html Font Family You Should Know


7 Greatest Html Font Family You Should Know


The HTML Font Families are many but there are some that really stand out from the crowd.


Even in each family, there are specific fonts that are representatives of the family.


Knowing what is what when it comes to the font on a webpage is part of the work of a web designer.


And that is what you will learn on this post: The top 7 fonts in HTML font family.


Most of these fonts are web safe fonts (I will explain what I mean by that soon) which makes it easy for most users to see the text on a page in the font the web designer intended.


What are web safe fonts?


In other to understand, it will better to first know what makes a good website.


What Makes A Website Look Good

There are two parts of a site that make it look good or bad. The parts are fonts used for the text and the image used on the page.


That is the reason you see many sites that provide embedded fonts for web designers.


Such sites give designers the chance to choose from a wide range of beautiful fonts that are not so common.


It is clear that this is a good idea. But, it has a setback that you will see in a moment.

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How To Use Embedded Font On A Web Page

It takes a little to add an embedded font to a web page. Get the link to the font at the embedded font site and add it to your CSS.

Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Embedded Fonts

It is not all users that visit your website that will be able to use the font.


The reason is that users will visit your site with different devices and each of the devices run on different operating systems.


Why Users See Different Font On Your Page

There are two common reasons for this.


The first one, it may be the operating system on the user’s device does not support the font you selected for your site.


The second one, the user’s device might find it difficult to fetch the font from the source.


The painful part of this is that the user will not be able to tell if you, the designer, actually selected the font on the page or not.


That takes us to what web safe fonts are.


What Are Web Safe Fonts

These are the fonts that are available on all devices and operating systems.


Such fonts give the designer an option to fall back on if the intended font is not available for the user.


Web-safe fonts are not the first choice of the designer but they serve a huge purpose on the web page.


A web designer uses web safe fonts to control what the user will see if the intended font isn’t available.

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Because these fonts are quite many, HTML font family, the designer can select the one that is similar to the first choice he as selected.

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