Is Peace Corps Of Nigeria Approved

Is Peace Corps Of Nigeria Approved

Is Peace Corps Of Nigeria Approved.

Peace Corp was established with the burning passion of the founding father, Amb. (Dr) Dickson A. O. Akoh, FCITr, FCPA, FNSIS to create awareness and to connect the average Nigerian youth to share ideas, understand to harness and nurture their personalities.

What is Peace Corps Of Nigeria

The Peace Corps is a Non-Governmental organization created so Nigerian youths can rub minds together sharing their hope and fears, desire and aspirations, success and failures with a purpose to channel all energy towards the success of the socio-economic and political development of the Country.

Is Peace Corps Of Nigeria Approved?

The answer is Yes.

Peace Corps has being approved by the Federal Government and Is fully Functional.

The peace corps of Nigeria has being fully approved by the Nigerian Government.

In November 25, 2016, The Senate passed the bill which was allegedly rejected by President Muhammed Buhari.

The boss of Peace Corps later on trashed the media saying President Buhari doesn’t have any reason to reject the bill.

But of course, Buhari rejected the bill but made U-turn because of the huge package the organization has to offer Nigerians.

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