Kwikcash Extend Loan| How To Extend KwikCash Loan

Kwikcash Extend Loan| How To Extend KwikCash Loan

Today we are talking about Kwikcash Extend Loan. How can one extent his or her Kwikcash loan after the repayment day lapses?

If you want to know more about Kwikcash loan and how to borrow loans from different networks, click here

When you fail to payback your Kwickcash Loan, What happens?

It could be dangerous if you fail to pay back the money you have borrowed from Kwikcash.

If you fail to payback the loan you have borrowed from Kwikcash loan, an additional %5 interest will be added to the already existing interest you had.

Along with that, you will be given another 14 days to repay your loan automatically

Not just that, you will receive message from your net work provider with the phone number you registered with, reminding and asking you to pay up the loan you have borrowed.

When you ignore all these follow ups, Kwikcash will take a drastic measure by reporting you to the Credit Bureaus and trust me, you don’t want that to happen.

What happens when Kwikcash reports you to Credit Bureaus

When you are being reported to Credit Bureaus, it will take the grace of God before you can borrow money again from any organization because they will make it really difficult to do so.

Kwikcash Extend Loan| How To Extend KwikCash Loan

Have you borrowed anycash and it seems you can meet up with the repayment date, then follow the step below.

If for any reason you can’t repay the Kwikcash loan within the slated 14 days, dial *561# and select the Extend Loan.”

This will alert them that you wish to extend the date of repayment to avert any action taken.

USSD Code to borrow from Kwikcash Loan from any Network

Do you wish to borrow from Kwikcash  then you should follow the procedures below.

1. Click here to get Kwikcash Code For Airtel

2. Follow the Link to know How To Get Kwikcash loan on Glo Network

3. Click here to know Kwikcash Code for MTN and 9mobile



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