Kwikcash Repayment: How To Pay Kwikcash Loan

Kwikcash Repayment: How To Pay Kwikcash Loan

Kwikcash Repayment: How To Pay Kwikcash Loan.

It is very important that after you have gotten a loan not only from Kwikcash in particular but from any organization, you should pay back that loan based on the agreement you parties have agreed upon.

Have you borrowed money from Kwikcash  and you want to pay back the loan, then follow the instructions below.

On this article, we are guiding you through on steps to repay the kwikcash loan through numerous methods like through the use of ATM, USSD Codes, and online.

So all you need to do is to select which of the option you would like to repay your loan with.

Kwikcash Repayment: How To Pay Kwikcash Loan

Firstly, What is the Interest rate of kwikcask loan? : The Interest rate for kwikcash loan ranges from 5% to 15%.

Although, some interest rate might increase depending on the person who have received a loan.

For example, if your credit history is bad, your interest rate might increase.

Steps On How To Pay Kwikcash Loan

Below are the steps you should take to repay your kwikcash Loan;

To repay your kwikcash loan, you have numerous options that would be explained belo;.

You can pay online  click here to pay online  Or through USSD code;

  • To pay back the loan through USSD Code,  Dial *561# 
  • On the displayed listed menu, click on “Pay Loan”
  • Select how you wish to tender your payment.  ( example; debit card)
  • The payment will be immediately processed just after you have submitted the application.

Important Information you should know before applying for Kwikcash Loan

  • In order for you to be able to apply for this loan, you must be 18 year or above.
  • Your bank account should have been active for at least 90 days.
  • For those using 9mobile, you would be incurred the sum of N20.
  • If you are 9mobile user and you wish to know more about a particular aspect of the loan , you should send “Help” to 561.
  •  If you are using other network services, please call +234 (0) 1 700 5290.
  • Kwikcash offers as huge as N500,000. But in order for you to be qualified for such offer, you need to at least build your trust with your network. (You pay at due time)
  • Before kwikcash is able to grant you a loan, they will ask you some personal information like your phone number,  your credit history with credit bureaus, your banking information etc.

When You fails to Payback Your loan, What Happens.

Kwikcash normally add 5% interest rate to any amount you have applied to and automatically, they give you 14 days to pay back the loan.

You should also be expecting a text message from the phone number you have provided reminding you to payback the loan.

If you still refused paying back, you would be reported to credit bureaus, making it very difficult or impossible for you to get loan from any other organization again.

If you were unable to pay your loan due to one thing or the other, you can kindly dial *561# , then select “Extend Loan.”

This will notify Kwikcash of your intention of extending your loan.

How To Pay Kwikcash Loan Online

In order for you to pay your kwikcash online, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Visit the site, and ‘click’ on “Pay” from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 2. Enter your phone number. An OTP code would be sent to that number. Enter it to complete your authentication.
  • Step 3. Tap on “Pay Loan” then tap “Pay With Card.”
  • Step 4. A link will be provided which you will follow in order to register your card then navigate back to the payment screen and tap ‘pay with card’
  • Step 5. Click “Proceed” to repay and receive a confirmation text.

How To Pay Kwikcash Loan With ATM

In order for you to repay your kwikcash loan using your ATM, kindly follow the simple steps below:

  • Step 1. Slot your ATM card in and tap the ‘Quickteller’ option displayed on the screen of the ATM.
  • Step 2. Tap ‘Pay Bills’ then tap ‘Others’
  • Step 3. Enter the code ‘04354101’ as the Biller Code then type your phone number you used while registering your loan as “Customer Reference Number.”
  • Step 4. Confirm your payment and you will receive a confirmation text for your payment.


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