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NAS Lowry Night Program (FROM EXPERIENCE)


NAS Lowry Night Program (FROM EXPERIENCE)


NAS Lowry Night Program is a program that helps adults that come from different part of the world to learn English.

When the students came to the U.S, they found that they can’t speak the English required to pass different accreditation test.

So they want to learn English and be successful in their future endeavors.


NAS Lowry Night Program Experience


The NAS Lowry Night Program is like a family. Students get to know each other very well and spend much time together.

Also, the students and the teachers are like a close community. The organization cares about the students and the teachers.

One teacher said she learns something new each day from the students. The goal of the teachers for the students is to have all them graduate with the top honors.



Many of these students come with graduate degrees from their country, some are engineers, doctor, teachers, and the only thing they want is the proficiency in the English language.

This proficiency will enable them to transition their profession into working and learning environment in the U.S.



NAS Lowry Night Program uses computers, talented staff, and good tutoring, basically everything the students need.

There is a state of the art reading program on their computer which enables them to do what they learn in class at home.

NAS Lowry Night Program Cont.


There are fabulous group of teachers in the NAS Lowry Night Program, they care so much about the students. Each teacher’s first aim is to know the student so they can help them succeed.

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These teachers are very understanding and are very ready to work with the students. from the management, to the organization, no one is there to make a dollar.

The program isn’t about money but to care about the student’s advancement in learning English.


NAS Lowry Night Program


A student said that in a month, you can improve your English mush because you will speak more and understand more.

Another student said he choose NAS Lowry Night Program because there some of his friends already in the program.

And the friends convinced him the program is a good a one.

The same student said he didn’t know how to speak the language when he started and after six months, things changed drastically.

More students praised the teachers and the school program and the tuition.



The program also offers many enhancements that many colleges don’t. An example is a particular computer program that you won’t find in any other places.

This program is free to the students.

The students also get free textbooks, extremely reasonable and competitive tuition fees, and all of that contributes to their success in the program.



As an English acquisition program, NAS Lowry Night gives their student a certificate at the end of the program.

Most of the English classes are academic English however, they prepare students for test on English as a foreign language.

The test is what foreign students must take before getting into any American university.

Some of the students already have the knowledge needed to get into the university however, NAS Lowry Night Program will serve as the stepping stone that they need to improve their English.

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They people at NAS Lowry are more than ready to help them not only in English but also research and things like that.



The program has very flexible schedule, morning, afternoon and evening classes.

One student tells his story how he was alone when he first came to the U.S, but he is found many good people when he started the program.

He explained how one of the heads of program treats him like a son. The teachers don’t only attend to school matters for their pupils but also life matters.

This student explained how he asked a teacher questions about what he should do in America and the teacher help him.

Some say that the teachers always take them as family.


NAS Lowry Night Program


A said that they don’t limit their teaching to just academic works, they like to teach various things from the U.S culture to other people’s culture.

This gives room for the teachers to learn as teachers while the students learn as students too.



Most student actually like the idea of learning English from the native American people. A teacher responded that she like the fact that they students are from different countries and all of them are in one place.

She described it as amazing and the common bond is education on English language.



One student explained that he really like the atmosphere of the classroom where all students share their stories.

It is something good to see people from around the world having something in common, which is communication in English.

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It is really a joy to teach in an environment where many different cultures from all over the world and have them come together. It really brings a good learning experience for the students.

The goal of the head of teachers is that the students succeed professionally and personally in the English language and make them a very part of the American culture.

NAS Lowry Night Program

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