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Program Xfinity Xr2 Remote (READ FIRST)


Program Xfinity Xr2 Remote (READ FIRST)


It is good to have a remote that will work for all television set in your home.

This post is about how to program Xfinity Xr2 remote to your TV. Have you ever been to a friend’s house and you see two or more remotes used to control a television?

The reason why this is useful is that sometimes you will not find the right remote maybe it is lost or whatever and then you will have to walk to the TV to control it.

And if you are like me, that sucks. You know what I saying.

You will learn how to program a brand new Xfinity Xr2 remote from Comcast to any television set.

Program Xfinity Xr2 Remote In 3 Steps

The first step is to remove the remote from its pack. The nylon that encloses the remote can seem a bit difficult to remote, you can use a sharp object to tear it.

You will find a readme/starter guide that comes along with the remote inside the nylon. You will find many different functionalities in the starter’s guide.

It also includes some small tiny codes for the common television sets. There is a high chance that your television code will be included also.

You will see Samsung, LG, Panasonic, and many common TV companies like that.

Program Xfinity Xr2 Remote


The second step is to turn to the back of the remote and open the battery section. It is usually located at the lower part.

You should see a little nylon that prevents the batteries inside from contacting the remote’s panel. So when you pull out the nylon, the batteries will then contact the remote.

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The remote will flash green LED lights at the top, that indicates the presence of the batteries.

So the next thing to do now is pressing the power button on the remote. Once you do that, the green LED light will change to red. It will only happen when you press the button.


The third step is to put on your TV set manually, this might be the last time you will do that. Find yourself a good place to sit on and let us program Xfinity Xr2 remote.

By the way, this tutorial will work for all kinds on Xfinity remote.


Program Xfinity Xr2 Remote Using Setup Button

If you look at the remote properly, you will see a Setup button at the lower part of the remote. The left-hand side of the 0 button.

What you will do is to hold the Setup button for about 3 seconds until the LED light at the top changes from red to green.

When you see the green light, you will enter the manufacturer television code. The LED light will blink the green light twice which signifies that you have entered a manufacture TV code.

If you use a Samsung TV, the code is 10812. Just hold the setup button for 3 secs and wait for the green light to blink.

Then press 10812 and voila. Notice the green flash at the top of the remote.

After then, you are going to test it. If the remote does not work, you will try the second code. It usually works this way.

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Program Xfinity Xr2 Remote Video Tutorial

So as a recap, unbox the remote. Make sure the batteries are connected then long press the setup button and press your TV code.

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