Reasons why most relationships fail

Reasons why most relationships fail

The dream of almost every individual is to have a  lasting love relationship or to find the Mr. Right or Miss right. Some couples might struggle and try to forge ahead despite difficult times just so the relationship might last long or work out but at last, they end up going their separate ways. That is why we have decided to tell you the Reasons why most relationships fail.

Different situations can lead to a failed Relationship and these situations may be know or unknown.

Reasons why most relationships fail

1. Trust Issue

I would say, this is one of the major factors that causes failure in a relationship.

When there is no trust in a relationship, the relationship goes sour and is likely  to fail.

For instance, a lady might get suspicious that her boyfriend might be seeing other ladies and becomes rigid to him, shouting at any little mistake and the guy on the other hand might start suspecting her of cheating on him and maybe she has seen someone better than him hence there unnecessary rigidity.

And when there is distrust between the both of them, the happiness won’t be there anymore because it has gone sour.

The lack of trust between them both would bring Jealousy, insecurity, and paranoia.

2. Lack of communication:

This is also a big issue in a relationship and it has led to so many breakups in a relationship.

When there is lack of communication between two lovers, the connection, love and feelings between the both of them is likely to reduce.

At least, call him or her once daily to rekindle your love lives.

Maybe your partner is far from you are that moment, all you need to do is call your partner from time to time or try Communicating with him/her through any means available  to know how he is doing.

This alone can go Along way to show him/her that you care.

One major cause lack of communication in a relationship

  • One of the major factors that causes lack of communication is “Repetition of topics.”  When you have nothing to hell him or her, then there would repetition of topics. What you told him yesterday is the same thing you told him today and probably tomorrow. He/she may likely get bored talking with you.


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3. Pre-mature knowledge of Relationship:

When a man or woman don’t know what the word “Relationship” stands for, then that relationship will likely fail. Relationship is not meant for babies but men.

When two people who are premature goes into a relationship, misunderstanding is bound to happen because they might not be able to handle the pressure in a relationship.

4. Finding unnecessary fault in a Relationship:

You relationship is bound to fail when the both of you find unnecessary fault amongst yourselves.

Things that shouldn’t even matter is what you both are busy shouting and yelling about.

Reasons why most relationships fail
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5. Fighting in a relationship:

This is one of the major set back in a relationship.

When there is fighting, then you both need to recheck your relationship lives.

No man wants to marry a wife who will nag, nag and nag and at the end, causing a fist fight and no lady wants to marry a man that will lay his hands on her.

6. When there is no financial Backing in a Relationship:

Finance plays a very important role in a relationship.

By saying this, I don’t mean you should kill or empty your account for your partner for things are are not important but I am saying that you should be there when your partner needs financial backing.

When he or she needs money, and there is no means of getting it, if you as her partner couldn’t help out in the little way you can financially, she might want to get that money through any means.

She might start dating another person for the sake of money.

When she does that, there are two (2) things involved

  1. She might leave you for someone else who has the money: If the person she started dating get to love her and provides for her all that she had ever wanted, she might leave you for him.
  2. There is a high probability that you might find out someday and proceed to break up with her because you feel betrayed.

With the above explanations, I am not saying a relationship can’t be solid even though there is a deficiency in financial status, but a relationship is not really complete except the money is there.


Summary to Reasons why most relationships fail

There are numerous reasons why relationship fails that weren’t mention on this articles.

So in other for your relationship to progress, you need to know what Relationship is all about before going into it.

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