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Recruitment for Taxi Drivers in the United States of America

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Recruitment for Taxi Drivers in the United States of America

The United States of America has a long and rich history, which traces back to the formation of the nation and the Revolutionary War. The United States of America is commonly known as the America or the US. There are fifty states that border each other on the Pacific Ocean with each states having its distinct laws and system of governance.

Working in the country is the dream of many employment seekers all over the world due to the mouthwatering benefits and wages.

Job Summary

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At the moment, we have series of openings for dedicated, passionate, and goal-oriented personnel to fill various Taxi Driving positions for various growing businesses and establishments. In order to be effectively considered for positions in the company, it’s important for the employee to have a valid driving license, demonstrate a good customer service skills, thrive under pressure and can work towards achieving the company’s goals.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Picking up passengers from a specified location
  • Conveying of passengers and packages from one place to another
  • Follow approved company’s policies in the discharging of duties
  • Take charge of the effective maintenance of the taxi
  • Perform routine inspection of the taxi to check for mechanical faults
  • Perform all other duties and responsibilities assigned by the direct supervisor
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Job Skills and Requirements

  • High School Diploma
  • Valid driving license
  • Exceptional knowledge of US routes
  • Able to navigate Google map effectively
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Can thrive under pressure
  • Customer service oriented
  • Strong and energetic
  • Capable of exceling under little or no supervision
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent multi-tasking skills
  • Flexible working hours
  • Can excel in different working environment

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