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13 Ultimate FAQ On SUNY Downstate PA Program


13 Ultimate FAQ On SUNY Downstate PA Program


What Is A Physician Assistant?

Many people visit their health care practitioner but of the times these people are not aware that they see a physician assistant. Maybe because they also put on a white lab coat and other similar things.

What a physician assistant does is that they provide a high level of quality patient care. And the good thing about being a physician assistant is because it is based on a medical model. (More on medical model in a minute)

Suny Downstate PA Program is kind of like going to a medical school but in a much more condensed fashion.

The students learn all the salient and important things they need to know about how to recognize, diagnose and treat any kind of medical illness.

A physician Assistant also goes into the history of the patient.  When the patient visits, the PA will be the one to ask the initial question.


What Is Medical Model

In medical school, we have Nursing and Medicine. The medical model is more in-depth in the sense that it provides more care to the patient. The medical model provides care across the board – many different areas.

PA do history, ask and read test, and prescribe all kinds of medications. Note that all of that may vary depending on the state where the PA practices the profession.


Where Will You Find Physician Assistant

The beauty of the PA profession is that you can find them in all areas of medicine in the world. In internal medicine, hospital, surgery, women’s health, gynecology, pediatrics etc.

Unlike the physician that PA works with, PA works in all areas.

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Take, for example, a PA can work in a family practice medicine for a few days in a week and do a part-time job at a pediatric office as well.

How To Study Physician Assistant

After you graduate after 4 years of medical school, you will get an MD degree. From there you will choose a specialty (like medicine, pediatrics etc.) which is called a residency, for another 4 years.

But as if you intend to study for Physician assistant, you don’t need to go for residency after your MD degree.

And if you do want to know more about a specific part of medicine, there are fellowship programs you can take as part of the PA course.


There are some PA that are surgically based.

All PA students will also go through six months’ rotations in internal medicine, general surgery, pediatric, family practice medicine, emergency medicine, psychiatric etc.

All of that also comes with other options that give the student the chance to choose two subspecialty electives they would like.

If a student is interested in cardiology, for example, there is an opportunity for the student to spend additional time working with the teams in that area.


The Steps One Has To Go Through To Become A Physician Assistant

When you apply for Suny downstate PA program and you are accepted. You will take some certain amount of core course and you get some clinical operation where you get to experience different specialties so that you can decide what suits you best.

That is just the general overview though. I will break everything down below.

You will go through a full time two years and three months interviewing stage before you can get accepted into Suny downstate PA program.

So, it is advisable for anyone that wants to go through the PA career path to have a good level of dedication and be fully prepared.

So a PA student really needs the support from family and friends.


The Pre-Requisites To Apply For PA Program

Degree in areas such as respiratory therapy, biology, or even EMT, are highly welcome.

The least you can have is Biology 1 and 2 at labs, microbiology 1 and 2 at labs, anatomy and physiology, lifespan psychology, mathematics and some other course.

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You will have some advantage if you show some commitments to health care and the community. Like some certain hours of community services.

And some working experience in healthcare-related organizations.

After the application, some people will be invited for sit-down interviews and others may not.


Suny Downstate PA Program Acceptance Rate

35, because the school wants to maintain the student to faculty ratio.

The school offers information section where anyone is invited to come and learn more about the profession.

So anyone can come and ask a question, get more information, meet the faculty staff, and students.


White Coat Ceremony In Suny Downstate PA Program

White coat ceremony is where new students receive the white lab coat that you see people wearing in practice.

It is a wonderful way of accepting people into the profession.

The new students get the short jacket and the graduating students get the long jacket.


On the jacket of staff is PAC which stands for Physician Assistant Certified or RPAC where the R stands for Registered.

Once you have completed all the requirements of any Physician Assistant program; you will then go and sit for your state PANCE (Physician Assistant National Certified Exam).

As a PA, you have to do Continuing Medical Education things are constantly changing every day so you must be up to date.

You cannot practice the profession or do the best for your patient if you don’t know what the current standards are in medicine.


What Is The Difference Between A Nurse Practitioner And A PA

A PA has the ability to move around from a specialty to another specialty, while nurse practitioners often work in family practice, and usually pick a specialty area where they are zoned in.

You won’t see nurse practitioners move around into different places.

SUNY Downstate PA Program

High School Student Aiming To Be A PA

High school student that is aiming to choose PA as a career path should be strong in science-related courses like chemistry and biology.

Because at Suny downstate PA program, they will look at your transcript. The BA degree is not mandatory but the pre-requisite explained above do.

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The program wants to see some voluntarism and healthcare related experience in the applicants.

Applicants should show the wiliness and desire to care for people and not the money that is involved in the profession.

You need to show some dedications because PA is actually not an easy profession. You will be involved in life and death situation, and helping people get through illnesses.


PA Career Counseling For High School Students

When you have something that you are good at let us say science, the guidance council can pick that. But everything still comes to the wiliness to help people.

Over the years, healthcare has made some dynamic shift where you don’t see as many women in the profession.

However, the system is changing. Maybe its because women are more nurturing than men.

Unlike going to a medical school where you spend all those years, you just do PA in 2 years and few months.

The admission department in Suny Downstate that goes to different schools where they have career and college fares.

In these fares, they talk about Suny Downstate PA program and what it offers.


How Popular Is The PA Profession In The United States

You should know that some of the patient doesn’t really know the work of a physician assistant. So often you hear some saying “I don’t want to see the physicians but the doctors”.

Although, it is the right of the patient to say that. However, there are many healthcare organizations and services in the U.S that are PA run.

The profession is not new because there are over 100,000 PA practicing across all 50 states in the U.S including Washington DC.

Most of the medical schools around too consistent have Physician Assistant career path grow every single year.


What Is The Work Of A Physician Assistant

PA interprets test results for you.

Send you on a referral and follow up with you.

Do surgeries

Deliver babies


Practically anything that a physician can do.

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