Tips to make long distance relationship work

Tips to make long distance relationship work

Tips to make long distance relationship work.

Distance relationship can be frustrating and something you might not want to engage in.

When you are into a distance relationship, there are different questions you should ask yourself or put to consideration most especially, when you haven’t set your eyes on him or her before.

The question Is,  how legit is your distance lover?

Is he legit or he is one of those 419 scammer waiting for the perfect time to swindle and rip you off your money.

Everyday, these scammers comes up with a new plans and strategies.

Just be careful when you are into a distance relationship.

But when you have studied the situation and you found out that he or she is actually real, you can us these Tips to make long distance relationship work.

Gone are the days when you have to send just mails to your distance lover and wait for his/her lovers feedback which might take more than a weeks.

Now, things are more easier with the introduction of mobile phones, mobile chatting apps and even text messages.

It is not Far-Fetched that these apps or softwares promoted distance relationship.

Those is because with these apps, you could meet new people and friends online then the dating game begins.


Tips to make long distance relationship work
Tips to make long distance relationship work
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Back to the topic: Tips to make long distance relationship work

Tips to make long distance relationship work

1. Communicate creatively & regularly.

Cheating up and telling each other good morning or good evening is a normal day event.

Why not tell yourselves something sweet? Like some experience you had  that day?

Tell him/her something new. Try to make yourselves understand that, even you are not together at the moment, both of you won’t get disappointed when you eventually sees each other.

And at least, hear from him/her  daily. Surely, hearing from each other  daily will helps spicing up the relationship.

2. Do something interesting together

Let there be fun in your relationship. You both should take it a little above a regular distance dating.

You both could do things together like watching a live vloging together, watching documentaries together, singing songs together, video call yourselves so you could see each other and even playing online video games.

That would be definitely fun.

3. Visit Him or Her

This of course is something you should do to light up your relationship.

Try  visiting yourselves.

Don’t just be at one end and keep saying you love each other while you have not making move to prove how much you love each other.

Visiting yourselves will at least give you some tips on who you are actually dating.

4. Set a goal for yourselves

In this life, you should have a specific goal you are working towards to achieve.

Try to tell yourselves the goal you are trying to accomplish.

When you both tell yourselves your focused goals, make sure you both are on the same page.

Even you can’t see yourselves, you could see yourselves as a source of motivation to each other.

5. Be sincere to each other

Stay truthful to each others really helps alot.

Tell your date what you hate and what you like, what makes you sad and happy, tell each other your excesses, your shortcomings and even your favorite food and colours.

Don’t just tell him or her the good and wonderful side about yourself, also tell him or her the other side of you.

This is because it won’t be like a new thing when you both eventually meet.

Don’t accumulate things in your mind, let him or she be the shoulder you lean on when you are burdened.

6. Send Gifts To each other

Sending gifts to each other spice up a relationship and makes you both feel special to each other.

At least once a while, send him or her a present to remind yourselves how special you both are to each other.

It mustn’t be on valentine day or any festive day.

It could be any point in time you feel is necessary.

Don’t just allow one person in the relationship to be the only one that keeps sending gifts, you both could do that together.

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7. Give yourselves Pet Names

This is really romantic for sure. When you call the love of your life and when he/she picks the call, what he or she hears is “Hello Baby” ‘Hi Sweetheart’ or any of those romantic pet names.

8. Be Optimistic about your relationship

For your long distance relationship to stay alive, you need to be optimistic about it.

Don’t lose hope or rely on other peoples comments concerning your relationship.

For sure, the waiting can be so frustrating and sometimes, you will need him or her closer to you at that moment and he he/she can’t be found.

This alone could make you sad and sorrowful.

That is where you need to stay positive and  because the love of your heart  might worth the waiting.

It bring me to an ending quote;

“For sorrow might last for the night, but joy cometh in the morning”

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