Top Interesting Salary Advance Loan In Nigeria

Top Interesting Salary Advance Loan In Nigeria

There are numerous of financial companies/organizations and institutions are give loans with collecting collateral that is why we are dropping Top Interesting Salary Advance Loan In Nigeria.

Are you a worker or an employee, then this information is for you cause you can now get salary advance loan from financial companies in Nigeria.

For you to be qualified for the salary advance loan which can be also called payday loan, you are require to have a payroll records or previous employment records.

Furthermore, this loans are unsecured loans which does not require the borrower to present a collateral before receiving a loan.

In those days, getting loan from the bank requires that you do lots of paper works like presenting a guarantor, filling of numerous forms, presenting a collateral like landed properties or using your car.

But now, things have really change.

Bank has to improvise to the peoples way of thinking and now, they are making things more easier than it was.

Current, you can get a salary advance loan from many bank in Nigeria in minutes.

When you are given a salary advance loan in Nigeria, you would be allowed to repay the loan when you are going to be paid in your next salary or you can fix date to repay in your future salary.

You can borrow higher amount ranging from N100,000 to N500,000 but, some lenders may not agree to give you huge amount if you are first-timer or if it is your first time of borrowing from them.

The loan time starts within a week and may last for months.

Their are no quick payback charges but, there are certain amount you will pay when setting up the loan and you also get to pay the interest rate which is being calculated daily.

This article is looking into the Top Interesting Salary Advance Loan In Nigeria. And we will guide you through on the requirements and how to get these loans.

GTBank Payday loan

Guarantee Trust Bank (GT Bank) kicked off the Quick Credit program with a goal of providing more funds to salary earners and employees.

This goes to say that, you can have 3 to 4 months of your salary in few minutes.

Quick Credit gives you funds that is x3 of your monthly salary at the rate of 1.75% a month.

No hidden charges would be incurred on you and it is totally cheap.

You have access to this loan so far you have an account with a monthly salary in GTbank.

In case you don’t have a salary account in GTbank, then I’d advise you to create one in other to get qualified for the Salary Advance Loan.

You would be eligible for this Salary Advance Loan if you have received at least a monthly salary from your work for at least 3 months

Requirements To tho loan

  • you must not be less than 18 years old.
  • You monthly salary should not be less than N10,000.
  • The maximum year for this is 60 years old due to the loan maturity date.
  • As an applicant, you must not have an unpaid loan from other banks.
  • you have access to to Quick Credit on Mobile and internet banking, Gtbank Online platforms.

UBA Bank Payday loan

UBA has introduced a shot-term loan named Overdraft in other to meet the needs and demands of its depositors.

As I have earlier stated, Overdraft is a credit facility that is short-term which grant you access to withdraw as much as N3,000,000 on your account for up to 6 months.

5% of your money will be repaid until the end of sixth months when the total outstanding would be cleared out.

UBA has used Overdraft to made it easier for its customers to give them loan money she they are having deficiency in cash or out of fund in there banks account.

Their payment and repayment mode is convenient.


This idea was established to directors, executives, partners and mid-level management worker of well respected organization in public and private sector who gets an annual income of N500,000 after-tax.


  • The UBA overdraft are meant for people or UBA account holders who who have no record of returned cheques as a result of insufficient fund
  • It is also meant for income earner individuals who have received their salaries on their UBA account for at least 3 months.
  • As an applicant, you should complete a Consumer Loan Application Form from UBA which can be gotten from any UBA branch or you can download it online.
  •   After you mist have completed the form registeration, you are to submit it at their UBA branch Customer Care  Officer.

Zenith Bank Payday loan

Zenith Bank has also mede it easier for their customers by providing the Salary Advance Loan.

The loan idea was created in order to fund a short-term expenses and wants which may come up before the next month salary.

The loan is eligible to verified and professional in com earner of companies.

The interested rate or this loan is 2.16% monthly or 26% yearly.

Zenith Bank charges a management fee of N5,000.


You must be receiving your salary or allowance as an employee or income earner in Zenith Bank.

As an applicant, you are allowed to borrow up to 60% of their monthly earnings.

Indemnity clause grant bank authority of Set-off in a different bank with the use of Bank Verification Number (BVN). That is in case you are unable to repay the loan or if the UBA Bank finds it difficult to go through repayment deductions it the time lapse.

The Indemnity Clause grant your bank the privilege to get back the debt by having access to the to the funds you may have in other Nigeria banks through the use of BVN.

Access Bank Salary Advance loan

Payday Loan by Access Bank was initiated in order to give a helping hand to investors with an emergency business the may have a raised.

The Payday loan grant do users to borrow loan at a very low-intreast rate and the most important of it all is, it doesn’t require a collateral before getting the loan.

The features loans given for a time range of 31 days.

Interesting Facts you should know about this Payday Loan by Access Bank.

  • The Payday loan gives you the opportunity to borrow get loan from Access Bank without any collateral needed.
  • Feature Loans are given for a time range of 31 days.
  • No Collateral is needed before you could access the loan or be grated a loan.
  • No paperwork or documentation is required
  • They render 24 hours service to the individual without him even going to the bank frequently
  • You can also access the loan through the bank’s Mobile banking and Bank Internet platform

First Bank Salary Advance loan

First Bank kicked off the Personal Loan idea in order to help users meet their financial expenses and wants without having to wait for your pending salary.

It is for those who are under salary income jobs and it also requires no guarantor  before you are granted the loan.

All applicants are given 36 months before they could pay up their loans and the customers must have an account with First Bank Plc.

Requirements for the First Bank Salary Advance loan

  • You need to write an Application letter.
  • You will need to provide your Payslip.
  • Provide your Statement of accounts.
  • Get a letter of total emolument.
  • Confirm your employer on the  approve list of First Bank of Nigeria.
  • Provide a letter of irrevocable domiciliation of allowance for the period of the facility


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