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Vacancies for Farm Manager Jobs at Cavendish Farms Company, Canada

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Farm Manager Jobs in Canada

There are many advantages to finding Farm Manager Jobs in Canada. There are many different responsibilities a farm manager may have, such as keeping track of staff, monitoring crops and livestock, and preparing budgets and reports.

Most importantly, a farm manager is responsible for ensuring the maximum profit for the farm. To find a farm manager job in Canada, you should have professional networks and knowledge of agricultural science. To start searching for a farm manager job, follow the tips listed below.

Urgent Recruitment for Farm Manager

While the job description may seem straightforward, it is not. There are many facets to this position, as well as an unpredictable working environment. In addition to managing business operations, farm managers are responsible for overseeing all practical tasks on a farm, from buying supplies to training employees.

They ensure that the crops are ready for sale and follow safety regulations. They also monitor animal welfare, quality, and welfare. In addition to responsibilities, they also oversee the overall safety and welfare of the staff.

As Canada’s population continues to grow, the demand for agricultural products will increase. The world’s population is looking for more renewable energy, fiber, and chemicals, and Canada is well-positioned to lead the way. This has resulted in an ongoing shortage of qualified farm workers.

However, agricultural jobs are hard to fill, even with the current number of graduates. There is an immediate need for these employees. Interested candidates should contact the company to learn more about the job.

Job Descriptions

The job description for a farm manager is varied, ranging from overseeing the overall operation of the farm to evaluating and planning functions. As a manager of a farm, you’ll be responsible for the production and marketing of the farm’s products, as well as overseeing staff members.

The position requires a high degree of detail-oriented skills as well as an aptitude for big-picture thinking. As a farm manager, your job will involve problem-solving and focusing on efficiency.

You’ll also be responsible for preparing the planting and harvesting schedules and ensuring that the staff knows the expectations of the job. Other duties include scheduling maintenance and repairs and marketing the products of the farm.

As a farm manager, you’ll oversee the production and marketing of potatoes for French Fry Processing. You’ll direct daily operations and use your expertise to maximize yields, quality, and profitability. If you’re self-motivated and enjoy a challenge, this position is for you.

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Cavendish Farms Company

If you have a passion for growing and harvesting fruit and vegetables, you might be interested in learning more about Cavendish’s Farm Manager position. This position is responsible for managing the farm’s crop management and commercial haying operations, as well as its cattle herd. The Farm Manager will also oversee the operation’s newer fleet of farm equipment. Working in a rural setting, you will enjoy a challenging career.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Cavendish Farms
Post Name Farm Manager
Qualification Post-secondary education in Agriculture and/or a minimum of 5-7 years’ potato management experience, specifically early generation seed;
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary Negotiable
Location Amherst, NS, Canada B4H 0A1


A farm manager’s job description is multi-faceted and focuses on all aspects of running a farm. Their duties include overseeing staff, crops, and livestock, organizing the day-to-day operations of the farm, and preparing budgets and reports.

Farm managers also oversee marketing and equine health. Their responsibilities span all aspects of the agricultural industry, from raising crops and livestock to ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

The job also requires a high level of English language proficiency, and it is essential that the successful applicant has prior experience in a related field.


As a Canadian, you’ve probably wondered what skills employers look for in a Farm Manager. A Farm Manager’s primary responsibility is planning and directing the operations of the farm. They oversee the activities of the farm, including growing crops, breeding livestock, and marketing the finished products.

Most Farm Managers own their own farms, but some specialize in particular livestock or crops. In either case, you should have good knowledge of all aspects of farming. Listed below are some skills that a Farm Manager must-have. They must be good communicators.

A good Farm Manager must be knowledgeable about crop production and environmental regulations. Although a degree in crop production is not mandatory, two to three years of farm experience are preferred. In addition to education, you must possess important soft skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and significant use of memory. Working conditions will involve prolonged standing, sitting, and walking for long periods of time.

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Agricultural managers are required to be detail-oriented while also being big-picture-minded. They must be hands-on managers and problem-solvers who have a knack for organizing the farm’s operations. They prepare planting and harvesting schedules and ensure that employees are aware of expectations.

In addition, they must stay abreast of agricultural science to make sure the farm remains profitable. Some of the other responsibilities of a farm manager include marketing, health and safety regulations, and staffing issues.

Agricultural managers plan, direct, and evaluate the operations of farms. Some specialize in a particular type of crop or livestock. Other responsibilities include overseeing the equipment, machinery, and buildings on the farm.

They may also recruit and supervise staff and volunteers. Some managers may travel to a second farm to complete their job duties. This position requires considerable travel. However, a number of benefits come with this role.

Job Benefits

A farm manager oversees the operation of a farm, including planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops. In addition, a farm manager oversees general animal care, including disease control, as well as the general treatment of the farm’s animals.

This position also requires a lot of organizational skills, as farm managers are expected to organize the day-to-day business of a farm. Most farm managers work for a farm management company.

As a farm manager, you must be capable of leading a team, as well as maintaining a positive working relationship with your employees. You should also be able to supervise and motivate people well.

Having these skills will benefit you greatly in the future as a farm manager. You’ll be given a competitive compensation package based on your qualifications, experience, and ability. A competitive salary and benefits package are just a few of the benefits of working as a farm manager in Canada.


The average annual salary for a farm manager in Canada is $42,959 per year, which translates to $22.03 an hour. The figures are based on anonymous surveys of employees across Canada.

Assistant farm managers earn significantly less than their superiors. Assistant farm managers earn less than the senior level, but they have higher education levels.

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