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Vacancies For General Laborer at Shaarugroups Company, Canada

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 General Laborer Jobs in Canada

While the minimum qualifications for general laborer jobs in Canada are a high school diploma and relevant post-secondary training, having a university degree will improve your hiring prospects.

Besides education, a post-secondary diploma is always a plus, and speaking a second language is beneficial. Having the right education and tailoring your resume are important steps to landing a high-paying career.

Urgent Recruitment for General Laborers

The job description of a general laborer is varied and largely depends on the company. Typically, they report to a supervisor and have a basic understanding of the job’s general aspects. There are many different kinds of general laborer jobs available in Canada, and the demand for these jobs is on the rise.

While this type of work doesn’t require a college degree, it does require a high work ethic and the use of safety equipment. A general laborer may be required to rake leaves, mop lawns, or plant flowers. It may also involve using power tools or water spraying equipment. Regardless of the exact nature of the work, a general laborer’s duties vary widely.

Job Descriptions

A general laborer is responsible for a wide variety of jobs. Duties may vary but are usually very fast-paced. General laborers may perform tasks such as planting flowers, mopping lawns, and raking leaves.

They must be physically fit and possess excellent hand-eye coordination, as well as strong communication skills. Their resume should highlight their experience using common hand tools. They may also help with construction work or clean-up.

The minimum educational requirement for a general laborer job in Canada is a high school diploma. An undergraduate or graduate degree in general labor may increase your chances of being hired. Speaking a second language is also helpful.

shaarugroups Company

In many fields, workers perform physical tasks and are called general laborers. While this occupation does not necessarily require a degree, it does require an excellent work ethic and the willingness to take on whatever responsibilities are assigned to you.

General laborer jobs often involve lifting, carrying, loading, unloading, labeling, and moving construction materials. These jobs are available in many areas, including construction companies, warehouses, and packing facilities.

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General laborer jobs generally do not require any educational requirements, but specialized training can help you transition to more advanced roles.

The employer or staffing agency will provide any additional training that is needed for the role. Depending on the nature of the role, some general labor roles may require additional screening, including drug and background checks.

Job Details

Hiring Organization shaarugroups
Post Name General Laborer
Qualification Good hand-eye coordination
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary CA$16.82 to CA$18.45 Hourly
Location Acton, ON, Canada L7J 0A1


The job of a general laborer is a versatile one, requiring candidates to be highly skilled in a wide variety of tasks. Candidates must be physically fit and able to follow instructions, as their duties can include mopping lawns, delivering materials, and carrying out basic assembly.

General laborers should have strong hand-eye coordination, physical strength, and a strong sense of communication. Their resumes should highlight their experience with common hand tools.

Jobs as general laborers are typically entry-level and can be specialized to suit specific needs. These workers may also be referred to as general workers, common laborers, or construction helpers.

In Canada, general laborers may perform a wide variety of tasks, including digging holes, laying building materials, and picking up debris. They also perform mechanical tasks and assist in construction projects. Their salary and schedule are often flexible.


If you’ve worked in a number of industries over the years, you may already be familiar with the skills necessary for a general laborer job in Canada. These jobs often require a variety of physical skills.

However, if you have some post-secondary experience and are fluent in both English and French, it’s a plus. In addition, speaking a second language can boost your employability, and many employers are looking for bilingual candidates.

A general laborer job requires manual labor, as well as mechanical skills and the ability to follow directions. Often, these jobs require physical strength and excellent hand-eye coordination. They may also be required to work outdoors, in dusty environments, and at heights.

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While general laborer positions don’t require extensive education, they do require some basic tools and an understanding of safety procedures. In general, the duties of a general laborer position are varied and may require you to work under strict supervision.


The responsibilities of a general laborer differ from one job to another in Canada. The work of a general laborer may include raking leaves, cleaning up sites, or even planting flowers. This fast-paced career requires a strong work ethic and a good understanding of the job’s responsibilities.

Applicants should also have experience using common hand tools. General labor jobs are available in various industries and are in high demand in Canada.

General laborer jobs can be diverse and require the use of power tools, manual labor, and water-spraying equipment. Although general laborer jobs generally don’t require a college degree, they may require some knowledge of construction sites and specific machinery or equipment.

Job Benefits

General laborer jobs in Canada are often entry-level and great for people who don’t have much experience with construction or other types of manual labor. General laborers perform tasks such as digging holes, planting crops, operating construction equipment, and picking up debris.

The physical labor and mechanical skills required are very important in this position. In addition to their wages, general laborer jobs in Canada also offer great benefits and flexible schedules.

These positions require physical strength and endurance to move heavy machinery and equipment. They also require communication skills, which promote teamwork and collaboration. And since most general laborer positions don’t require any formal education, they are great for those just starting out in the Canadian job market.


General laborer jobs in Canada are in high demand. In fact, three-quarters of all workers are employed in this field, which involves manual and physical labor. While general laborers are generally paid $31,200 per year or $16 per hour on average, they often face challenges with a shortage of qualified candidates.

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