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Vacancies for Housekeeper Jobs at Remedy Intelligent Staffing Company, USA

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Housekeeper Jobs in the USA

A Housekeeper is a type of home care worker who works in households. These professionals are employed in many different settings, either in a single home or in several homes. They may also be referred to as maids or housecleaners.

Read on to learn more about Housekeeper Jobs in the USA. This article will provide an overview of the job description and requirements. Once you have the basic knowledge of the field, you can begin your search for a Housekeeper job in the USA.

Urgent Recruitment for Housekeepers

If you’re looking for a new job, you may be surprised to learn that there are thousands of housekeeping jobs available right now in the USA and Canada!

The typical Housekeeper Job description includes cleaning rooms, restrooms, and common areas, but there are many other duties as well. You can choose to work in the comfort of your own home or even work at a prestigious hotel. In either case, you’ll be rewarded with an excellent wage and plenty of room for growth!

Job Description

As a housekeeper, you are responsible for keeping the rooms clean and sanitized. The responsibilities of a housekeeper vary from one establishment to another. For example, a hotel housekeeper’s duties could vary from defrosting a refrigerator to cleaning carpets and upholstery.  A housekeeper may also have to move furniture, clean windows, and replenish room supplies.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Remedy Intelligent Staffing
Post Name Housekeeper
Qualification You should be able to perform the assigned duties
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary $15.00/hour
Location Erie, PA, USA 16501


Some private homes request that their housekeepers also change towels in the bathroom and replace used bed linens. Some private households also request that housekeepers complete light ironing or laundry duties.

Housekeepers also report safety hazards to their employers. A high school diploma is usually enough to fulfill the basic responsibilities of a housekeeper.


A good cover letter will highlight the skills you have developed while working as a housekeeper. These skills may include vacuuming, polishing, and cleaning specific items. Include these skills in your cover letter as well, as they are relevant to housekeeper jobs in the USA.

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You should also mention your knowledge of various cleaning tools, such as disinfectants. Skills such as these can help you land a great job. Cleaning is a big part of the job description, and it is crucial to have excellent cleaning skills in order to be hired for a housekeeping job.

A good housekeeper must have impeccable housekeeping skills, as well as a wide range of cleaning supplies. Housekeepers must also be responsible and clean guest rooms thoroughly. They must be flexible, and must also be able to maintain a smile.

Housekeeping jobs are not for everyone, so it is important to research the best career opportunities and find out which one is right for you. Other skills to highlight in a housekeeper’s resume are resort experience, polish speaking, and furniture maintenance.

While these skills aren’t required for most housekeeping jobs, they are still important. You should list all your previous employers, preferably under a separate header.

Housekeeper jobs are not likely to require college degrees or additional coursework. You can highlight these skills by listing your previous employers, which shows that you have worked in a housekeeping position in the past.


Housekeepers work in hotels or other establishments to keep the rooms and common areas clean. Responsibilities include changing the bed linens and bath towels, replenishing supplies, and restocking minibars.

The responsibility for keeping rooms clean and stocked may also extend to completing light ironing and laundry. Some private households may require additional duties as well, such as reporting safety hazards.

A housekeeper’s duties may vary from one establishment to the next. Housekeepers also perform additional duties, including computer work and basic math. As a result, basic math and computer literacy are important for this job. In addition, they may also be expected to perform other duties, such as cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms.

While housekeepers are often unsupervised, they do need to be physically fit and self-motivated in order to succeed. Housekeepers will frequently be required to move large items and equipment, and they will be on their feet for most of the day.

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If there is no elevator at a residence, housekeepers may need to climb stairs. The hours for these jobs are usually long and unpredictable.

Job Benefits

A housekeeper’s job is a very flexible one. Although most employers only require a high school diploma, candidates with previous experience will have a higher chance of finding work. People with a strong customer service background are also in demand.

Generally, new hires will be trained on the job by a more experienced housekeeper, so having some prior experience is beneficial.

The job of a housekeeper is flexible and requires you to be flexible in your schedule and with clients. It pays well and also offers excellent benefits, such as health insurance. You will be required to travel for work-related purposes but all expenses will be reimbursed by your employer.

Housekeepers typically work five days a week, but can also work weekends and holidays. These positions do not require a degree and require strong organizational skills.

While a housekeeper is responsible for maintaining a house to a high standard, the job also comes with its own set of benefits. This person is responsible for cleaning floors, dusting wooden surfaces, polishing furniture, and ironing clothes.

Housekeepers use mechanized cleaning equipment and keep materials in pristine condition. They also report on household supplies and domestic repairs to their employers. Housekeepers may also be expected to run errands for their employers and assist with dinner parties and other social gatherings.


In the United States, a housekeeper’s salary averages $26,366 per year. This amount does not include bonuses, which average $305. However, 100% of those employed in housekeeping jobs report receiving bonuses.

Maids perform light cleaning duties, such as making beds and replenishing linens. Their job duties also vary, and they may also clean rooms, floors, and hallways.

Full-time housekeepers can earn between $20,000 and $50,000 a year, depending on the area they cover. They typically charge between $15 and $40 an hour. In some cases, they may also charge for additional services, such as childcare.

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