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Vacancies for Laundry Assistant Jobs at NHC Company, USA

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Laundry Assistant Jobs in the USA

If you’re looking for a new job, there are several ways to stand out from the crowd. As a laundry attendant, you will be responsible for maintaining a high level of cleanliness in the patient rooms and common areas. You will be required to sort and load laundry machines, maintain proper laundry maintenance, and respond to customer concerns.

In addition, you’ll need to know how to use standard laundry machines and read Standard English. You’ll also need to know how to keep change in the machines so you can pay the bills on time.

Urgent Recruitment for Laundry Assistant

There are many reasons why you might want to get a job as a laundry assistant. Aside from being an easy job, this role involves cleaning and maintaining a lot of linen. This job also requires you to be good at customer service, know your laundry equipment, and be able to stand for long periods of time.

Other requirements include outstanding organizational and time management skills, strong analytical skills, and excellent customer service. In addition, you must be willing to work weekends or shifts that include evenings or weekend work.

A Laundry Worker (also known as a laundromat attendant) is responsible for washing, folding, and putting away laundry. They may also be required to perform dry cleaning duties. They must also keep the laundry area clean, as well as return washed items to their appropriate locations.

Most employers offer on-the-job training, but the ideal candidate will be organized, have good attention to detail, and be able to lift heavy laundry baskets.

Job Descriptions

Laundry assistants are often referred to as washers and dryers, but the title actually refers to a wider variety of positions. This is because a laundry assistant is responsible for making sure the laundry is sanitized and looking its best for guests. They may even be assigned special projects or assignments.

The job description for a laundry assistant reflects the duties and requirements of the position. A job description for a laundry assistant appeal to people with good interpersonal skills, experience cleaning different types of fabrics, and a desire to serve customers well.

The job description includes details about housekeeping support procedures and any special projects that the employer needs help with. A job description also highlights how the employee will keep the facility clean and tidy.

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NHC Company

The NHC Company has a variety of opportunities for laundry assistants. Job duties include loading and unloading machines, folding and storing linen, operating machines according to the manufacturer and center policy, and completing other tasks as assigned.

The position also requires the ability to read and understand standard English and to interact tactfully with residents, families, and coworkers. If you are looking for a challenging, yet rewarding job, NHC may be the right company for you.

Job Details

Hiring Organization NHC
Post Name Laundry Assistant
Qualification Must be able to operate standard and commercial laundry machinery.
Industry Private
Employment Type Full-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary Negotiable
Location Macon, MO, USA 63552


The primary qualifications for a job as a laundry assistant will depend on the company and type of work. In general, experience cleaning different types of fabrics is necessary.

However, companies may also have specific guidelines for the types of laundry they accept, so it is important to have a good understanding of these guidelines. Also, physical stamina is essential for this position, as you will be expected to carry heavy items around.

Aside from performing the usual laundry tasks, a laundry assistant will also be required to interact with customers and other employees. Aside from being familiar with housekeeping processes, they should have exceptional communication skills, particularly written and oral communication.

They should also be good at listening and interacting with people. An important element of a laundry assistant’s job description is that the position is primarily responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of linens and clothing.

The job description for laundry aides outlines the essential duties and responsibilities. They are responsible for washing and folding linens and other laundry items. In some facilities, laundry attendants are also expected to perform dry cleaning.

They must be able to organize laundry items according to specifications and ensure that they are returned to their correct locations. Most employers will offer on-the-job training, so the best candidates are organized and have good physical fitness.


Laundry attendant jobs typically do not require advanced education, but you should have a strong work ethic and be organized. Laundry assistants work in both hotels and lodging facilities and typically require some experience.

Applicants should be able to lift up to fifty pounds and stand for long periods of time. Good eyesight is also important. It is necessary to recognize and treat small stains. Knowledge of Microsoft Office and sales processing software may also help applicants secure jobs.

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Skills in computers and electronics may also be helpful for this profession. Skills in Microsoft Office, sales processing software and computer networking may also be necessary. A high school diploma may be an advantage. A high level of attention to detail and a willingness to follow rules and regulations are essential.


The Laundry Attendant position requires an individual with excellent communication skills. Among other responsibilities, this role involves loading articles into the washer and separating clean linen and towels from the dirty ones.

The Responsibilities of a Laundry Attendant include maintaining a full inventory of the laundry detergent, cleaning and maintaining equipment, and providing customer service. In addition to this role, laundry attendants also have a few other responsibilities, including keeping track of inventory and training new attendants.

The Laundry Attendant works in a hotel or similar establishment and is responsible for overseeing the laundry operation. These individuals may also supervise the coin-operated machines or deliver clean laundry to guest rooms.

They must work in harmony with other team members and adhere to the establishment’s policy manual. They also need to be detail-oriented, multi-tasking and have the ability to work independently or under a supervisor’s supervision.

Job Benefits

A job description for a laundry attendant varies by employer, but typically involves helping residents wash and dry their clothing. The duties of a laundry attendant can include loading and unloading washing machines, operating ironers and folders, and maintaining records.

Other duties may include sorting clean and soiled laundry, ensuring that it is returned to its proper location, and removing tags. This position also requires a person to be organized and have good hand-eye coordination.


Depending on the location, a laundry assistant could earn anywhere from $23,400 to $26,325 a year. The highest-paying positions pay nearly $33,000 a year. The average salary is about $24,317 per year. It varies from job to job, depending on the years of experience and location. There are numerous job openings for Laundry assistants in the USA, and a lot of opportunities exist!

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