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Vacancies for Office Receptionist Jobs at Hallmark Care Homes Company, United Kingdom

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Office Receptionist Jobs in the United Kingdom

If you’re looking for a part-time position, you might consider looking for an Office Receptionist job. The right receptionist position can be a great way to gain experience in an office environment and network within a company.

In addition, many receptionists earn money while pursuing educational opportunities in other areas of their chosen careers. These receptionists often hold multiple jobs within a single organization, which makes them an excellent option for working from home or for a living.

Urgent Recruitment for Office Receptionist

Looking for an office receptionist job in the UK? There are a number of employers in the United Kingdom seeking candidates for office receptionist jobs. Receptionists are responsible for greeting visitors, guiding them through the office, answering phones, maintaining calendars, and sorting mail and other items.

Other job duties include assisting visitors with travel arrangements, answering questions, and performing ad hoc administrative tasks. These positions are available in a wide range of industries, and they require a friendly attitude and a desire to help people.

Job Description

The job of an office receptionist entails a number of responsibilities, including answering phones, screening calls, and following up on missed appointments. They also operate telephone systems and assist with various administrative tasks, such as arranging travel plans for clients.

Receptionists are the face of a business, so their appearance and attitude should reflect that. Moreover, they should have good computer skills and be courteous and professional at all times.

The skills and qualities that are required for this position are exceptional verbal communication skills, active listening abilities, and excellent customer service. Since receptionists are often the first point of contact for clients and visitors, they must have excellent customer service skills and be able to deal with unhappy customers gracefully.

Another important quality of an office receptionist is a calm and professional demeanor. People skills are also essential, as this position requires interaction with a wide variety of office staff.

A receptionist’s responsibilities vary greatly depending on the workplace. Receptionists may be required to deal with phone calls, mail, and visitor inquiries. Many receptionists also handle office administration tasks, such as filing records and sorting mail.

Some are responsible for maintaining the reception area’s cleanliness and security. Some even handle money, including taking payments from clients. This is just a brief description of the duties and responsibilities of an office receptionist in the United Kingdom.

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Hallmark Care Homes Company

If you are interested in becoming a part of an award-winning care company and working for a leading provider of residential, nursing, and dementia care, you can search for office receptionist jobs with Hallmark Care Homes in the United Kingdom.

The company is family-owned and operated and is committed to providing excellent care to its residents. Whether you are seeking a role as a care assistant, office receptionist, or even a manager, you can expect to work hard and get a high-quality job with Hallmark.

Job Details

Hiring Organization Hallmark Care Homes
Post Name Office Receptionist
Qualification Experienced: A Receptionist’s background and experience working in a team are essential.
Industry Private
Employment Type Part-Time
Work Hours 8 Hours
Salary £12.32 an hour
Location UK


An office receptionist is responsible for providing guest service, completing audits, and contributing to the overall satisfaction of guests. Receptionists are in high demand and most offices are open from nine to five.

Receptionists may work shifts and even work evenings, but the hours are usually not very long. Office receptionists are usually responsible for reporting to an Office Manager.

To become an office receptionist, you should possess excellent communication skills and be a competent user of Microsoft Office applications. In addition, it is beneficial if you have previous experience in a reception environment.

Generally, receptionists greet clients with a positive attitude, help with security and administrative duties and arrange travel plans for clients and guests. Additionally, receptionists answer phones in a courteous and professional manner, route calls as needed, screen phone calls, and manage junior administrative staff.


In addition to strong communication skills, office receptionists also need to have technical skills. They use computers to carry out their clerical duties, and having basic knowledge of operating these devices is helpful in the workplace.

Receptionist jobs are often the first point of contact for visitors and customers, so it is crucial to look professional and be ready to answer questions and direct them to the correct location. Some receptionist jobs in London require the individual to help customers and clients with questionnaires and paperwork.

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Other duties that receptionists may have may overlap with administrative work, such as sending emails or coordinating courier deliveries. This role can be rewarding as it involves a wide variety of duties.


The responsibilities of office receptionists are varied, but most require strong customer service skills. Receptionists often deal with clients, delivery staff, and other members of the public, so it is essential that they are friendly and polite.

Office receptionists report to the Office Manager. These positions are highly visible and require a high level of organization. The ideal candidate will be a team player who enjoys interacting with customers.

Receptionists are often responsible for greeting and directing patients. They also use their admin and customer service skills to answer phone calls and may work with health records staff.

They may also work with GPs, nurses, and health care professionals. In specialist clinics, receptionists may also work with physiotherapists, podiatrists, and occupational therapists.

Job Benefits

Working as an office receptionist has its perks. Receptionists enjoy generous benefits, such as health service discounts and pension schemes. They also receive 27 days of annual leave and bank holidays.

As an office receptionist, you can earn a good salary. Salaries may vary according to the region and the scope of the job. Many entry-level receptionists perform basic customer support functions on the phone, while others undertake administrative assistant roles. Receptionists with more advanced skills can earn higher salaries.


The average salary for an office receptionist is £22,363 per year or £11.47 per hour. That means that half of your fellow Receptionists will earn less than this amount while the other half will earn more than this figure. However, the exact figure will vary depending on your experience, location, and the company you work for.

Salaries for office receptionist jobs in the United Kingdom vary greatly, depending on the area in which the role is based. Receptionists in high-cost areas tend to earn higher salaries, such as in London and Glasgow.

Salary also depends on the scope of the job. Entry-level receptionists are generally responsible for providing customer service over the telephone. However, some receptionists take on administrative assistant responsibilities and earn higher salaries.

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