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WalGreens Expressions Challenge Scholarship | UPDATED.

Are you talented? And you are willing to use your talent to influence your community one way or the other?

Then this post is for you.

The 2020 Walgreens Expressions Challenge application was started at the proffering of their Wal Greens Community Task Force

The group had long been raising awareness over the rise of sexually transmitted infections (STDs), which includes HIV & AIDS, which is almost common among students of ages 14 to 19.

How is this being done?

The group pondered if students could find a more creative means in expressing themselves on matters concerning some  serious issues while at same time, becoming more attached with their own peers in the process


What you should know About Expressions Challenge Initiative

The Program, Expressions Challenge 2020 is the process of guiding students to explore the opportunities of life, plan ahead, and bring in more smarter suggestion that they feel would better their lives.

This is all done by art. Art bring in the ingenuity in the life of a student.

With the combination of artistic saying with student studying or knowledge, empowering students to certainly impact on their classmates, both in the community and in school.

Young teenagers are called upon to talk  with the use of art to interact and air their standpoint on topics which involve self-esteem, bullying, and sex responsibility.

Still About Walgreen

Walgreens–a is an organization that  has the ideology of helping people stay and Live healthy.

More so, it helps student locate a legitimate voice toward sensitive issues on their everyday lives and their environments.

Information has never being this versatile. With the Walgreens Expressions Challenge students voice are now being heard globally on sensitive issues that should be taken into consideration.

This process was created so teens could believe in themselves and have faiths amongst themselves.

When a teen address issues like Bullying, stigmatization, STD etc it tends to bring to awareness his fellow peers because they might want to listen to him more.

How can one be Eligible for this Walgreens Expressions Challenge Scholarship?

The Walgreens Expressions Challenge scholarship is strictly for those who are legal residents in the U.S.  and stays  in the Chicago metropolitan area of IL and also staying in the St. Louis metropolitan area of MO, youths who are presently registered in high school

WalGreens Expressions Challenge

What Scholarship Level and Field of study is needed for this scholarship program

The Wal Greens Expressions Challenge scholarship is a contest for those in high school  who are willing and capable of using their talents to positively impact on their community, school and environment while using the under listed topics and points to communicate.

Below are the listed Entry Categories

Creative Writing
  1. Essay
  2. Poetry
  3. Short Story
Media Arts
  1. Spoken Words
  2. Recorded Song/Rap
  3. Video
Visual Arts
  1. Painting
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Sculpture
Entry Topics
  1. Self Worth
  2. Sexual Responsibility
  3. Abstinence
  4. Sexting
  5. Anti-Bullying
  6. Self Esteem
  7. Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  8. Respect
  9. STD Awareness and More
  10. Anti-Stigmatization

What country is hosting this prestigious scholarship program 

The WalGreens Expressions Challenge is being hosted in the United State

Don’t feel bad if this scholarship is not for you. You can also apply to other scholarship programs as an international students like the;

University of Bologna Study Grants for International Students

Which Countries are Eligible to this Scholarship Award

The 2020 Walgreens Expressions Challenge are limited to all U.S citizens.

This goes to say that, no country is eligible aside the United States.

What is the Worth of the WalGreens Expressions Challenge Scholarship

The present High School Students in the Chicago or St. Louis metropolitan have the chance to win a whooping sum of $2,000 cash prize.

The winner of the Three first place and three-second place will be chosen in each town.

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Scholarship Application Procedures

Are you a student presently at the Chicago or St. Louis area? Do you have any thing to say or air on issues concerning Bullying, Self-esteem, STD Prevention, Teen Pregnancy,  Sex-ting, Abstinence, or Sexual Responsibility Awareness or any other thing that relates to these points?

Have you ever discuss such kind of topics to your friends? What were your opinions? How did they react? how do you think this topic will go a long way to rising the subconsciousness concerning these point?

We are willing to understand and hear your voice on these point and how will go a long way to amongst your peers.

I believe the question above should give you a clue on what you are to express your opinion about and give your more motivations and point to encouraging younger bloods on ways to go about in having a healthy living.

The language required is English.

All music should be originally from you or it must be licensed by the entrant in his or her video.

Any person submitting videos or photos must be at least 13 years old or older as at the time of this entry to be able to participate for the contest.

The Entrant and all persons Displayed in the video or photo must affirmed that he or she read, understood and consented to the laid down rules of this activity and program.

If you are not entering the contest as Group or you are an individual entrant, you are expected  to provide a release form for any person that is expected to appear on your video or photo submission of his/her Entry.

The sponsor should contact each and every body that appears in the potential winner’s video or photo.

You can Download the Appearance Release Form in the “Downloads” Area.

It should not exceed (4) plus the entrant making it [five (5) people total] to be depicted in a video or photo submission.

Nominated Entrants are capable of  submitting one entry per category be it  as an individual or with a group of people up to five (5).

A Group with a total of five (5) people is welcome to for the entry.

But is is required that each Group download the “Group” Entry Form(s) in the “Download” area.

Every team member must be added on the downloaded Group Entry Form(s).

As a group or individual, you can submit your entry either online or through email.

If a Group decides to submit their entry online, then it is required that only one group member is allowed to submit the entry on behalf of the group he belongs to.

This group member will then choose the “Group” icon on the online entry form, which will prompt them to uploading the Group Entry Form(s), that will verify the other four (4) Supplementary Group member’s involvement.

When they eventually emerge successful, the prize would be shared among themselves.

How Entries Would be Judged

Nominated Entries will be judged or chosen on the ground of category;

  • originality
  • Quality of work, and
  • Writing Style.

Any submission that includes image or video nudity, or vulgar language and any kind of segregation or discrimination are prohibited for entry and when used can have you or your group team  automatically disqualified.

Using of  Walgreens brand in your entry is prohibited.

This goes to say that, any entries that feature that mentions or carries the Walgreens or logo brand in any form will be disqualified.

What is the Application Deadline of Scholarship

The Walgreens Expressions Challenge is due to Starts on the 1st – 30th November

Do you want to begin with the scholarship process? Then click the link below to start.



Also, tap this link to get more details on this scholarship award.


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