What Are The Duties Of Peace Corps Of Nigeria

What Are The Duties Of Peace Corps Of Nigeria

What Are The Duties Of Peace Corps Of Nigeria.

Truly, Nigerian youths had much to benefit from Peace Corps of Nigeria.

For so long, Nigerians have being looking for means of rubbing minds together and coming up with means of soaring higher socially and economically.

Peace Corps of Nigeria has all that it takes to promote these ideology to the citizens of Nigeria.

What Are The Duties Of Peace Corps Of Nigeria


  • Promote financial and social improvement by incorporating volunteers and members within the scheme by with multi-agencies to maintain the youths preoccupied.
  • To equip and prepare the youth with the most vital information on peace education,  reconciliation, nation constructing, mediation and conflict resolution.
  • Creating note worthy employment to enhance the livelihood of Nigerians
  • Verify all types of examination malpractices and supply enough safety to larger establishments
  • Keep public freeway bogs and marketing campaign aggressively in opposition to open defecation
  • Establishing Peace creation and colleges and on the identical time involving the Peace Corps membership members within the promotion of conflict management and transformation, inner understanding and peace education.
  • Determine methods, instruments and the method of creativity, vital pondering, discovery, and innovation to help facilitate methods of solving common and uncommon problem.
  • Detect any vandalization plots to the dear properties of the universities and colleges.
  • Encourage and helping  of  planting Economic trees and all kind of environmental conservation.


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