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Why Is The Brainstem Called The Reptilian Brain (READ FIRST)


Why Is The Brainstem Called The Reptilian Brain (READ FIRST)


For you to understand why is the brainstem called the reptilian brain, there are some things you should know first.

Why Is The Brainstem Called The Reptilian Brain: What Is The Brain

From a computer perspective, and I am sure you are familiar with computers too, the human brain is the most complex software in the whole world.

In this awesome software are subregions that perform different but important tasks.

Now that you’ve understood what a brain is, let move to what a reptilian brain is.


What Is Reptilian Brain

If you don’t know it before, you can quickly guess what it is from the world retile. To cut the story short, the reptilian brain is also referred to as the crocodile brain.

I told you, reptile = crocodile.

But what is the function actually?

There is a brain model called the triune brain model, this model is divided into 3 parts:

The basal ganglia, which you and I call the reptilian brain.

It is the most primitive part of the human brain that controls all our actions that are instinctual. All the action that you do without thinking of how to do it.

For example, eating, having sex and so on.

Remember, this is what we call the crocodile brain.

The limbic system, the central part of the brain. It comprises the Hypothalamus, Septum, Amygdala, Hippocampal complex, and the Cingulate cortex.

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The limbic system is the mammalian brain, which is also known as the monkey brain, you should read more about it here.

It basically controls our emotion, and how we relate in our social community.

The third part of the brain model is the human brain. I knew you would guess that because what else can be the third part.

We have got the crocodile brain, the monkey brain, we need our own brain in our brain.


The human brain, located at the front of our head. It is also called the cerebral cortex.

You know those actions that require rational thinking, this is the part of your brain that does the work. This part of the brain is what you and I use to plan, to take abstractions, use a language, and to the take perception.


Why Is The Brainstem Called The Reptilian Brain

Now that you know all the neighbors of the reptilian brain. Let us now discuss it in full and know why is the brainstem called the reptilian brain.

The reptilian brain is the part we use for instinctual activities, especially for safety and reproduction. It controls to be very conscious of our behaviors.

Most importantly, the behaviors that concern your safety and reproduction of your genes. It will always motivate you to resist pain and seek pleasure.

In order for the reptilian brain to achieve its purpose, it subconsciously controls our decisions and that is why it is called the brainstem.


What Does The Reptilian Brain Want

Do you know that the most important sources of nutrients that we humans use for survival are sugar, salt, and fat?


Salt for the chemical reaction and balances the electrons in our body.

Fat is the main source of calorie and also helps all cells in the body.

Sugar provides fluid for the body and also provides instant energy. You remember glucose?


Our body naturally prefers sugar, salt, and fat. Other things that our body prefers are mating, achieving goals and eating any of those foods.

The body releases dopamine also known as reward neural transmitter, which makes the reptilian brain keeps wanting to do that same activity the produces the reward.

As a matter of fact, anything that is too much will always have a negative effect on the body.

And I am not saying you limit the rate at which you achieve your goals, but too much consumption of those food or having sex is bad for the body.

You can even be addicted to those things if you are not careful.

The bad thing is that the manufactural of those foods and sex materials also know this fact. They know that you becoming addict to these things will make you purchase what they sell more.


There is a way out though.

The body likes salt, sugar and fat and sex, but you can recondition yourself. There are some people that can even taste vegetables due to their love of eating sugar.

The taste bud of these kinds of people needs some reconditioning, I am to say sorry if you among such people.

Easy thing such people can do that will adjust their taste bud is adding a lot of seasoning to their food. Also taking the foods that don’t have sugar, salt or fat.

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You can google the number of people that are suffering from obesity, especially in the United States, the number is alarming compared to the number of people suffering from lack of food.

We need a system that will help us distribute the wealth in the world. It is sad to say that some people are dying because of lack of food and others are dying from too much of it.

The only people that successfully distribute wealth in the history of man is the Muslims, and think the leaders of today should take those ideas of the past to better our present world.

Back to the topic.


The people suffering from obesity are being controlled by their reptilian brain, the crocodile brain, not their conscious mind, the human brain.

Their brain has been wired to like food too much on the subconscious level. It is an illusion, desist from it because it kills.


Why Is The Brainstem Called The Reptilian Brain: How It Controls Your Behavior

As you have read above, when you achieve your goals, have sex, or eat a sweet food, the brain will produce dopamine.

It is the dopamine that will signify to the reptilian brain that such action feels good, which will now make the reptilian brain crave for it.

The reptilian brain creates a pattern in your brain that will motivate you to continue that action just to get more of dopamine.

Many people are using this to their advantage, while others fail to recognize the beauty of it.

Why Is The Brainstem Called The Reptilian Brain

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